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5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule Real Miniature Brands Collectible Toy by ZURU (3 Pack)

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Product Description

5 Surprise Mini Brands are real shopping brands that fit in your hands! Unwrap, peel, and reveal REAL miniature collectibles with 5 Surprise Mini Brands! Each capsule is a surprise unboxing with dozens of miniatures and surprise shopping accessories to find. What 5 surprises will you unbox? There are over 100 miniatures of your favorite brands to collect, including rare Metallic and Glow in the Dark minis, and Super Rare Golden Minis too!Can you find your favourite brands like Skippy Peanut Butter, Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings or Mentos Gum? Collect them all to create your own mini shopping world!
SO MANY TO COLLECT: There are over 100 miniatures of your favourite brands to collect, including favorites like Skippy, Mentos, Birds Eye, Aunt Bessies, McCormick, BabyBel and more! UNBOXING FUN: Enjoy the thrill of unboxing as you unwrap, peel and reveal 5 different surprises! RARE MINIS: Can you find the Rare Metallic and Glow in the Dark Minis? There are Super Rare GOLD minis to collect too! 3 ACCESSORIES TO COLLECT: Collect all 6 miniature shopping accessories including baskets, carts, shelves, cash registers and paper bags to create your own miniature shopping world! CREATE YOUR MINI SHOPPING WORLD: Collect them all and tick off your collector's guide shopping list as you go!

Product Details

SKU 180578278 Brand 5 Surprise
Model Number VIPRB-Collectible Toy (3 Pack) UPC 193052022370
Color Yellow Size N/A
Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


7/18/2021 5:00:00 PM

5 Surprise Mini Brands? On Your Shopping List?

One needs to supply a ZURU 5 Surprise Mini Market, for those grandchildren; These are almost perfect, as they are very good miniaturized versions of everyday brands. Yes, they are almost as useable as the original items... ALMOST. Some jarred, canned, bottled, tubbed, or in an "eve elope" (McCormick Taco Seasoning) products. They work nicely though, for playing store. Not to knock any "Shopable" collectable, but I like these better and it seems kids do, too. More importantly, five items for close to five dollars (a ball) isn't a bad deal. Sometimes, you might be blessed with a shelf unit or a shopping basket or cart or a wheeled display unit. I'd like to see some other items that are found in mini markets, world-wide, like 3M tape, WD-40, Motor Oil, basic Stanley hand tools. Why maybe even a Great Value item (WalMart Exclusive?), at a special price?


11/17/2021 4:00:00 PM

Mini Brands 3 pack is a great buy my daughter loves them


11/3/2020 4:00:00 PM

Mini Brands do not disappoint!

I've only ever had one of these before, but I am officially hooked! It's so much fun opening them up and finding all of the mini food brands! I got a lot of ones I wanted and even the cute shopping cart! This 3 pack was definitely worth it and the surprises just kept on coming! Go out and get Mini Brands, you will not be disappointed! :)


7/14/2021 5:00:00 PM

Love these minis

I got these after my kids watched YouTube videos of mini brands. We bought the grocery store that goes with it and we've absolutely been obsessed with finding these to add to the collection. Opening is a little cumbersome but half the fun for the kids. The minis are exact replicas of the real thing and just so stinking cute!!


2/16/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great value when purchased online

These are great for collecting or for using with dolls like Barbie. Havent gotten any repeats yet. Price for 3 was a dollar cheaper than it would of been in store..


7/24/2021 5:00:00 PM


really liked the price! 3/$9.97..cant be beat! a lot of fun just to open, then your surprise. Fun for adults as well! Great foe parties, icebreakers...


7/9/2021 5:00:00 PM


Okay, these are absolutely adorable. The fact that theyre actually based off real food you find in your local grocery store makes it even better. My little brother and I love opening these up.


8/3/2021 5:00:00 PM

I found these quite by accident but I am thrilled with them because I love miniatures. My granddaughter and I have a blast opening them and seeing all the cute mini products inside.


6/19/2021 5:00:00 PM

missing 1

so I ordered a 3 pack and I only got 2 balls, the top of the container wasn't sealed.


7/16/2021 5:00:00 PM

Description is incorrect. I received 70 balls

This 1 star review is based on the item description on Wal-Mart.com.....not the product. The product details page here, on Walmart.com states "100 minis to collect", which is supposed to be "130 ", series 2 wave 2. The balls I received state "70 minis to collect", which are series 2 wave 1. For mini brand collectors, this makes a HUGE difference in the items that are inside. Wal-Mart, please note the difference in 5 surprise mini brands series and waves.

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