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Armstrong Flooring 12x12 VT Sahara

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Product Description

When you explore the benefits of Armstrong Flooring Peel & Stick vinyl tile, you'll discover a floor that's easy to maintain and performs beautifully in high-traffic and high-moisture areas. This durable and economical flooring comes in a variety of visuals that match the beauty found in natural stone, ceramic, and even hardwood. All Armstrong Flooring Peel & Stick vinyl tiles provide quick and easy installation and with no drying time, so floors can be walked on immediately. Additionally, all Armstrong Flooring Peel & Stick vinyl tiles are stain and scuff resistant and don’t require buffing or polishing.
Water-Resistant Vinyl Tile Scratch and Stain Resistant Vinyl Tile Easy to Clean 12" x 12" Tile - 2 mm thick 20 square feet per box (20 tiles per box) Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty 4-Year Limited Light Commercial Warranty

Product Details

SKU 544277774 Brand Armstrong Flooring
Model Number AW028051 UPC 042369996013
Color Gray Size 12' x 12'
Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


8/4/2022 5:00:00 PM

Beautiful and easy to install

I used this flooring to redo my kitchen and entryway and I love how it looks. it was easy to work with. The adhesive stuck very well to the vinyl flooring that was already down. Cutting it was easy,just used a box cutter with a new blade. I was able to score it and snap it in two. It instantly updated and modernized the look of my kitchen. I highly recommended this product. Easy for first timer project.


1/16/2022 4:00:00 PM

easy to use great value

Yes I love armstrong floor tiles, and the sahara color matches perfectly with my silver and black kitchen. Armstrong floor tile is easy to install just peel and stick. It's also water resistant with is a must for the kitchen, it easy to clean just damp mop and done. So it you are looking to remodel please consider armstrong floor tiles you won't go wrong.


1/18/2022 4:00:00 PM

Easy to assemble!

Getting ready to redo our bathroom looking for new flooring that's good for renting and easy to lay down. We found exactly that. Very nice color looks like concrete stone so beautiful. Very easy to peel and stick and easily removeable since we do rent. Overall really nice product and efficient.


1/16/2022 4:00:00 PM

Amazing product

This product is Retailer Specific and only available in this pattern at Walmart. A recent back injury before the product arrived kept me from doing the complete area at one time so I am doing smaller areas first -- bathroom closet and kitchen pantry. What a difference from the flimsy vinyl product I am covering over. The tile has a slight grain and looks a lot like real slate. I prepped the area scrubbing the surface with a good dish detergent, rinsing, towel dried, then tacked with isoperbal alcohol to remove any residual film. As per instructions I located the center of the area, squared up and worked out from there after carefully removing the baseboard. The product is very solid. The edges of each square stay sharp and clean during handling. And when laid with the visible graining in the same direction the seams are invisible from a distance. Better yet, the product does not require rolling, just light traffic for the first 72 hours. I will have enough left to cover the surface of a small patio table this spring which I will treat with a good paste wax. Since I cannot get around low shelving for a large area picture I will include an extreme closeup to show how well the pieces match.


1/14/2022 4:00:00 PM

Pleasantly surprised.

I admit I wasn't expecting a whole lot from a peel and stick tile but I am honestly genuinely surprised. The 12 x 12 tiles are very sturdy and just a box of 12 of them is very heavy! The backing peels off super easy and the adhesive on the tiles is very strong so make sure you have them place correctly before you put them down because it's not an easy task getting them back off. The color is a true gray, in my honest opinion it's got a concrete look rather than a wood luck, but I prefer that myself. I definitely recommend these as an easy and affordable way to update your floors they look much more expensive than they are.


1/12/2022 4:00:00 PM


Armstrong 12x12 Sahara Vinyl Tile Easy to install Armstrong 12x12 Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Wow! Great look! Great style! Great quality! Great brand! Great packing & presentation! Easy to install on any level! just peel it off and place it, 100% water resistant, easy to clean too! Another great point to consider is that the floor covering in this package does not contain asbestos. Each box contains 20 tiles (20 pieces). I've received two boxes. Very convenient size 12x12, easy to handle, not too thick and not too thin, nice texture, gloss and color. I'm very happy with my choice. Personally, I think this color is ideal for the most trafficked areas in the house that can easily get dirty and need frequent cleaning such as the kitchen, entrance and dinning area. Instructions and very important information are very well explained in several languages (Photo provided) I love the fact that these Armstrong Flooring Sahara Vinyl Tile are Made in the USA! An Absolutely GREAT product that I'm so happy to recommend!


1/23/2022 4:00:00 PM


These tiles are absolutely beautiful on my floor. It was easy to install if you follow the instructions given. I have someone that uses a power chair and there was no cracking or buckling when she rode back and forth over it. It will be interesting to see how it goes in the long term but it is still a gorgeous tile and make for a gorgeous floor once installed.


2/21/2022 4:00:00 PM

Cool kitchen

Armstrong Flooring 12x12 VT Sahara is a beautiful Peel & Stick vinyl floor that greatly improved the lootk of my kitchen floor. This ash grey floor tile was so easy to apply, it was a snap. My favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to care for. I love that it's scratch resistant, and cleaning the floor is a breeze with a stick mop or simple cloth mop. The tile is thicker than I expected, and very strong, you can tell it won't easily crack, split, lift, or bubble under changing environmental conditions. There's 20 tiles per box, enough to do my whole kitchen plus extra. I'm really pleased with the way my kitchen looks after applying these tiles, and happy with the high quality of the Armstrong brand.


2/4/2022 4:00:00 PM

Great Tiles

So pleased with these tiles. They were a breeze to use and install. Peel, put in place and install, that easy. The quality is strong and durable. They were just what my kitchen needed. Mopping and spill clean up are easy and no dull appearance. Highly recommend these tiles. Happy with the end results.


5/22/2022 5:00:00 PM

Floor tiles

Easy to put down, pull and stick and forget. Slate color so it matches everything real well. Very durable and easy to clean. Thinking of doing my kitchen in these.

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