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ASUS VivoBook 17.3" i5 8GB/1TB + 128GB Laptop; 17.3" FHD, Intel Core i5-1035G1, Intel UHD Graphics, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home, Silver, S712JA-WH54

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Product Description

Whether at work or play, the ASUS VivoBook S17 is the compact laptop that immerses you in whatever you set out to do. Its new frameless four-sided NanoEdge display boasts an ultraslim bezel, giving an amazing 85% screen-to-body ratio for supremely immersive visuals. The ErgoLift hinge design also tilts the keyboard up for a more comfortable typing position. The VivoBook S17 is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor to help you get things done with the least amount of fuss.
17.3" Full HD 4 way NanoEdge bezel display with stunning 85% screen-to-bod ratio Powerful Intel® Core™ i5-1035G1 Processor 1.0 GHz (6M Cache, up to 3.6 GHz) 8GB DDR4 RAM and 128GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD and Windows 10 Home Comprehensive connections including USB 3.2 Type-C (Gen 1), USB 3.2 Type-A (Gen 1), USB 2.0, and HDMI; Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Free Upgrade to Windows 11 (when available, see below)* *Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware, see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11-specifications.

Product Details

SKU 513437993 Brand ASUS
Model Number S712JA-WH54 UPC 192876771723
Color Silver Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


8/29/2021 5:00:00 PM


I spent weeks researching the best laptop that would suit my specific needs, and this Asus Vivobook works well for me. Pros: • It's fast. This computer starts up quick and is ready to go almost immediately. This is in stark contrast to my HP laptop that took a few solid minutes to be functional. • Setup was a piece of cake. Cortana verbally walks you through the entire setup process, which only takes a few minutes. • It has backlit keys. I've attached a photo of the keys which are indeed backlit, although very dimly. The keys themselves are grey, so they may be challenging to see in certain lighting, or for people with impaired vision. • The screen is HUGE. Exactly what I wanted in order to do my digital artwork. • The battery life is okay. I typically run a ton of tasks simultaneously, which drains it a lot faster than what normal usage would do. Cons: • The speakers aren't great. I wouldn't recommend using them at max volume because they start to sound crackled and awful. Use headphones if you can. • It's heavier than I expected. The laptop may be sleek and relatively thin, but it has some weight to it. • Lack of DVD/CD disc drive. This might not matter to most people, but it could be a deal breaker for others.


10/10/2020 5:00:00 PM


This laptop has all the upgrades I could want in a computer for personal use! When setting it up, it talks to you (literally) step by step. The solid state drive makes this computer very fast. This computer is of the same brand popular among gamers, so even though it's not the TOP model, it sure feels like it. The CORE i5 processor gets the job done nicely. I'm not waiting forever to open MS Word or Photoshop to edit my photos. Surfing the Internet for pleasure and work is effortless. I have a different laptop that is much slower in comparison. I enjoy the backlit keyboard also because I work on edits and contracts in bed at night. The hard drive has plenty of space. Oh, the graphics on this model are amazing, like HD or 4K TV. It's seriously impressive. Beautiful, crystal clear images. The sound is also quality as is without additional speakers hooked up. It's lightweight and slim. I like the additional number keypad as well instead of only numbers across the top. I used it for three hours in bed and only used 47% of the battery life. We purchased an ASUS upgraded for our daughter for college who is pursuing cyber security, so I knew even this “lower” model would be superior to its competitors. It also doesn't make my lap hot after prolonged use which is nice. The computer itself is quiet, no loud fans (yet it stays cool to the touch). Great laptop hands down.


10/5/2020 5:00:00 PM

Impressive computer that can handle gaming n work!

I'm extremely impressed with the quality and capabilities of Asus. Right off the bat the packaging is clean, simple, and to the point. The computer is huge! The security is great, you have fingerprint touch or pin. It's very light weight and you can definitely tell the quality is sturdy. Asus covered the basics with all the ports. You have 3 USB ports, 1 USB-C, HDMI, memory card, and headphones. I could connect my projector without an adapter and that was a breath of fresh air! As soon as I plugged it in it took about 10 minutes to set up and update. The computer is extremely fast. A nice treat was Cortana, she helped with the set up and learns your habits. Another great feature is you can turn the computer into tablet mode. Which is amazing for games and apps. The keyboard has a backlight so I could sit in bed and get some work done with zero issues. The coolest feature I found is the Xbox support. You can play games and record gameplay through your laptop! It also supports the new oculus vr. Windows 10 is great...there is so much customization and features. It's definitely made working a lot easier and quicker to get done. All laptops are not created equal. Asus is a brand you can count on and this version is no different. I can go from zoom meetings to playing vr in minutes. It's very versatile. I have had movies playing in the background while I'm working on a report. The screen is extremely large and very clear. The battery power is by far the best I have ever used. It lasted about 8 hours with continuous usage before I had to plug in. The memory is fantastic 256g + 1T if that's not enough you can always add a external storage or memory card. I have so many programs downloaded and they work very well and fast with zero issues. The quality just can't be beat!


10/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Best VivoBook!!

I have been trying to find the perfect laptop/computer for awhile now since I am homeschooling two kids. When I noticed I could get this ASUS VivoBook S17, S712 Laptop I was beyond excited! First I love the big screen size. 17.3 inches. The pictures and words come in so clear! I also love that it has a fingerprint scanner to unlock it, making it so much easier for my 7 year old to get up and scan her finger to start her school work, so much easier than typing in a password, which you can also set up. Another awesome feature is the lighted keyboard. You can change the brightness for it, or even shut it off, also your fingers literally slide right across the keys. As soon as I got it, I tried powering it on, and the battery was completely dead, so I put it on charge. Not even 40 minutes later it was fully charged. Both my kids completed all of todays school work on it, and the battery is still 91% charged. This laptop also has a build in camera, and it takes clear photos. Its so easy to use. It is a little heavy which is nice. All of the featured buttons are clear so you know exactly what they are for. The sound is pretty loud, however I wish it was a bit louder. Other than that, this is the perfect laptop for everyday use and I highly recommend it.


10/7/2020 5:00:00 PM

Awesome laptop

This is a great laptop! Super stylish with the metal looking and feeling shell. It is crisp, and beautiful. A little heavier than I expected. It does not have a CD drive (which is okay, I can't remember the last time I used one anyway). Has a finger print recognition which is cool so you don't have to enter a windows password. Windows 10. Very fast and great picture. Also the camera works well too. I've been using it for zoom calls. The screen is huge, and the keyboard has mini LED lights under the keys which is cool. Also it has a full number keyboard too. Which I like because I enter a lot of numbers for work. Love this computer, look at the picture below!!


10/7/2020 5:00:00 PM

My new best friend.

This laptop is AMAZING. It's sleek, light-weight, powerful, and easy to use. I'm thrilled with it, and it's quickly replacing my tablet as my preferred device. I could go on and on about the hardware and conveniences, but I think a simple pros and cons list will lay out the specifics best: Pros: * The SSD drive makes for the fastest and smoothest loading experience I've ever had. * Loud built-in speakers mean I don't need to use secondary speakers or an HDMI cable to hear the things I'm trying to watch. This is a BIG deal for me, as my job requires me to watch training videos regularly, and I don't want to have to wear headphones for hours every day. * A full terabyte of storage space means that unless you're a cinephile (movie fanatic) or a photographer who has to store hundreds of hi-res files, you're virtually never going to run out of space. * Surprisingly impressive at gaming. I use emulators to play old games of mine, and I play online MMOs. This computer is capable of running them at a frame rate that can only be challenged by the top-tier gaming computers, the ones designed for performance that cost $1500 before you even mod them with extra RAM. This laptop performs incredibly for the price and lack of fancy upgrades. * Comes with Windows 10 built in and ready to go. * Easy voice control features. * Has a built in blue-light filter that can be scheduled to activate at sunset and deactivate at sunrise without you having to do anything. This is EXTREMELY important if you, like me, use devices both at work and during recreational hours. The blue light from smart devices has been well-documented to interfere with the human sleep cycle. This laptop's filter activates as soon as it gets dark and keeps this harmful light from stressing your eyes and messing with your circadian rhythm. According to my fitbit, since I started religiously using the blue light filter, I've gotten an average of one hour more sleep every night. * The light weight build makes it easy to transport. * The web cam is high-def, the better to hear your Zoom meetings with, my dear. (Red Riding Hood anyone?) * The keyboard is just the right amount of sensitive. I don't have to slam on the keys when writing, and my fingers are much less sore now than when I had to press hard to make the letters register. I wouldn't be surprised if this style of keyboard leads to reduced instances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Cons: * This is my big issue with all ASUS laptops: they put the mousepad off-center in the keyboard. Maybe this is a boon for people who are left-handed, but I have to rest half of my forearm on the keyboard to comfortably scroll with the mousepad. It's annoying and leads to me constantly center-clicking when I mean to left-click. * Because of the tremendous terabyte of storage space being a D: drive instead of a C:, there's very little storage room left for the latter, or for your desktop. I like to keep movies and large files that I use frequently on my desktop for ease of access. With this laptop, they all have to be placed in the D drive, or I'll simply run out of desktop memory. A minor annoyance, and kind of a pain when you want to transfer multiple large files at a time. (Say, for instance, from your old laptop to your new one. You have to make multiple "trips.") All in all, for the money, this is a top-tier laptop, and I fully intend to never use any hard drive other than an SSD ever again.


10/9/2020 5:00:00 PM

Nice laptop very vivid

I'm reviewing this Asus Vivobook. It has a 17' inch screen. As soon as I got it out of the box I could tell it is good quality. The outside is a smooth silver color. It has the ASUS logo on the front center. The back of the laptop is also smooth it has a vent on the bottom I assume that is for the fan. The bottom has little rubber feet on all corners. It has the model information and a Windows sticker on the bottom in the center and two speakers one on each front bottom. When I turned it on Cortana talked me through the set up process easily. I had to create a new Microsoft account because I could not remember my password, and it was being difficult to reset. But I don't see that being the laptop's fault. Once I made a new account it was easy. It took about 15 minutes to finish set up after it updated on it's own which I didn't time. I started set up and left it alone but I know it didn't take more than thirty minutes. During the end of set up I went through all the prompted tips it gives. They were helpful. I like that it gave those prompts because it showed where things are and how to do things too. The speed of this is quite fast. I haven't had time to really spend hours and hours on it. But from what I've seen so far it is a nice laptop and has good processor speed. I was pleasantly surprised at the vividness of the screen. It is very clear and vivid. This laptop is a little heavy but that's to be expected with the size. The keyboard is back lit which I really appreciate. The laptop opens and shuts very easy. I haven't spent hours on it so I don't know if it will get hot. But being on it for an hour straight it didn't get warm. I started a movie to check out the sound and display. The picture is great I did notice that the sound isn't the best. I couldn't find my ear buds so I listened through the laptop speakers. They didn't sound the best the base was a little distracting. But it wasn't bad and I should be able to change that in settings. Or you can always add a speaker. The battery life seems good. I charged it fully when it came. I didn't need to charge it again until after I had spent a few hours on it at different times over three days. I am quite happy with this. I can't think of any cons other than it being a little heavier than other smaller laptops and the minor base. But that is expected. I definitely recommend this.


10/1/2020 5:00:00 PM


I absolutely LOVE this laptop! I wasn't sure how much I would like because I'm so used to using a Dell or Toshiba device, but I really like it! The start up was really quick and signing into it was also great. I love how sleek and professional it looks. I'm using to complete my graduate school assignments and I like easy it is to pick up and take with me.


10/9/2020 5:00:00 PM

Perfect laptop for daily use

Sleek, sturdy, and stylish, this laptop is perfect for everyday use. Its versatility is perfectly suited for all day to day use, whether you're writing a book, doing homework, getting some light gaming on, working on your blog or surfing cat videos on YouTube. Videos and movies load up quickly with crystal clarity, even in stunning 4k resolution. The laptop itself isnt exactly lightweight, but is sturdy enough to be transported safely in backpacks or bags without fear of damage. It features innovative security features like fingerprint password protection and pin for access. If you are a night owl, or someone who works late into the night, this laptop is perfect for you! The keyboard has a low powered backlight perfect for working even with the lights off. The keys on the keyboard are quiet and discreet, making it easier to work late without keeping your roommates up. And finally, the laptop is incredibly quiet. The fans only kicked in when gaming, and even then they were mostly quiet. Another interesting and useful feature is the laptop's ErgoLift hinge, which auto-tilts the keyboard and screen to an angle that makes it both comfortable to type and relaxing to watch. The cons to this laptop for me are the weight; it's heavier than any of my previously owned laptops. Also, the speakers are located at the bottom of the laptop instead of its sides. This is intended to amplify the volume with the surface it's on, but certain surfaces like a bed, a pillow, and sometimes even your lap, can muffle the sound. Finally for cons, (this is more of a nitpick) but the SD port only supports Micro SD, instead of the standard size. All in all, this is an excellent, everyday-use laptop that gives you great quality for a fair price.


10/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Sleek Design

Love the brushed silver look on this laptop! Right out of the box it was super easy to set up and get going. The speed is nice, love that it has a SSD AND a bigger 1TB HDD. The only thing that would of changed my 4 star rating would be if it had a better graphics card. It's light weight and I love that it's a big screen. Another Pro is that it's super thin AND has a finger print scanner!!! This laptop would be perfect for school or work.

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