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AcuRite 06045M Lightning Detector Sensor with Temperature & Humidity


Lightning strikes can be dangerous for your home as well as for people outdoors during a storm. You can stay aware of how close lightning is to your location with a reliable lightning detector. The AcuRite replacement lightning detector with temperature and humidity sensors tracks lightning strikes within 25 miles (40 kilometers). it also has a built-in thermometer and hygrometer to accurately measure outdoor temperature and humidity conditions. The detector features a compact, weather-resistant design and integrated mounting options. The lightning detector can wirelessly send lightning, temperature, and humidity data readings to compatible AcuRite weather stations (sold separately). the replacement lightning detector with temperature and humidity sensors is for use with AcuRite models: 01021, 01021M, 01022, 01022M, 02080, 06046, 06047, 06047M, 06058M. For assistance determining AcuRite product compatibility, please contact customer support at (877) 221-1252.