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Costway 12 Tiles 1/2'' Puzzle Floor Exercise Mat Interlocking Anti-slip EVA Foam Black


This large interlocking EVA foam mat will be an ideal choice for you and your family. You can use it as a workout mat, a floor mat, an equipment mat or a play mat. Besides, made of premium EVA foam, this anti-slip and waterproof mat is durable, harmless, easy to clean and safe to use. With 0.5'' thickness, our mat protects the floor from being scratched by equipment and provides you with comfortable touch. Meanwhile, lightweight interlocking tiles with seamless connection can be easily assembled and disassembled. After disassembly, you can store the pieces under the sofa or any other corner to save more space. Feature Designed with functions of heat preservation, floor protection, shock absorption and noise reduction 12 tiles and 24 borders for free combination and large coverage Seamless connection for better durability Premium EVA foam for comfortable touch and long-term use Easy-to-clean design saves your energy and time Non-slip surface prevents accidental slipping 0.5'' thickness protects the floor from scratches and workout equipment Serves as a children play mat, a floor protection mat or an exercise mat Suitable for pet area, gym, play room, living room and more Easy to assemble: connect the pieces, assemble the connecting edges and finish assembly Specification Color: Black Material: EVA Dimension of Each Tile: 25'' x 25'' x 0.5'' (L x W x Thickness) Net Weight: 21.5 lbs Package includes: 12 x EVA Foam Tile 24 x Border



Costway 48 Tiles 1/2'' Puzzle Floor Exercise Mat Interlocking Anti-slip EVA Foam Gym


Are you still looking for a handy exercise mat? Why not choose our large floor mat! With 48 tiles and 96 borders, this interlocking mat will fit in different rooms, meeting your different needs. You can use it for workout or yoga. Besides, with 0.5'' thickness, this mat prevents your exercise equipment from damaging the floor. And the anti-slip surface and seamless connection enable your baby to crawl with safety. If needed, you can easily detach it into several parts for easy storage. Exercise with these mats!!! Feature 8.5'(L) x 6.4'(W) large floor mat covers large area, suitable for workout Seamless connection, non-slip surface and 0.5'' thickness ensure your using safety Great for floor protection, noise reduction, heat preservation and shock absorption Ideal for pet area, gym, play room or living room Premium EVA foam for high durability Easy to clean with a cloth Light weight of each tile for easy moving and storage 48 tiles and 96 borders for free combination Specification Color: Colorful Material: EVA Dimension of Each Tile: 25'' x 25'' x 0.5'' (L x W x Thickness) Net Weight: 86 lbs Package includes: 48 x EVA Foam Tile 96 x Border


12pcs Wood Grain Interlocking Floor Mats Printed Foam Tiles 24”x24"


12pcs Wood Grain Interlocking Floor Mats Printed Foam Tiles 24”x24" The 12 pcs Wood Grain Interlocking Floor Mats are the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve the appearance and functionality of their floors. Made of high-quality EVA foam, these mats are designed to provide a durable and long-lasting surface that can be used for years without deformation or fracture. These floor mats feature an elegant wood grain pattern that will blend in with any room decor, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home or office. They are also perfect for use as a base for your home or office furniture, or for doing fitness activities like yoga, exercises, or martial arts. The mats are designed to be easy to install and remove, with an interlocking design that allows them to be detached and piled up for easy storage. The waterproof surface makes them easy to clean with just a wet cloth. Each mat measures 24 x 24 inches, and when combined, they cover a large 8' x 6' area, providing ample space for free activity. Features: The natural wood grain can become a beautiful decoration that goes well Proven safe and healthy, EVA material protects both the environment and human health. Sturdy, won't break or deteriorate over time construction material Superior performance in dampening noise, so you may live in peace. A total of 12 separate pieces come together to form an 8' x 6' free-for-all. Each mat has two rounded-bordered strips that rest against the wall. Storage is a breeze because of the interlocking design that allows the pieces to be separated and stacked. The surface is waterproof and may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Specifications: Color: Natural Material: EVA Overall Dimension: 8’ x 6’ (L x W) Dimension of Each Piece: 24” x 24”(L x W) Thickness: 3/8" Net Weight: 8 lbs Package Includes: 12 x Floor Mats 24 x Side Strips



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Costway 12 Tiles Wood Grain EVA Foam Floor Mats Interlocking w/Borders 24" Natural


The interlocking floor mats are ideal combinations of aesthetics and practicality. They feature wood grain surface and nicely decorate room. Moreover, the high-quality floor mats bring scratch resistance to protect your floor from damage, and offer a comfortable area for exercising and playing. The interlocking floor mats are easy to be assembled and cut to fit customized area. In addition, the waterproof and easy-to-clean surface ensures simple maintenance. Feature 12 Foam tiles and 24 borders for 48 sq.ft. covering Give shock-absorbing comfort for exercising Keep floor protected against scratches and scuffs Non-slip bottom ensures stability and safety Can be connected and disassembled easily EVA material for durable structure and reliable use Wood grain for farmhouse look and decorative role Specification Color: Natural Material: EVA Foam Overall Dimension of Each Mat: 24" x 24" x 0.4" (L x W x H) Shape: Square Coverage Area: 48 sq.ft Net Weight: 7.3 lbs Package Includes: 12 x Floor Mats