Compound Kings Mix & Mash Super Ultimate Deluxe Party Slime Kit 8.8 oz and 8 Glitter mix-ins and more!

Compound Kings Mix & Mash Super Ultimate Deluxe Party Slime Kit 8.8 oz and 8 Glitter mix-ins and more!
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Make the perfect slime with the Compound Kings $15 Mix & Mash Slime Kit. This kit has everything you need to make a custom slime. It includes one disc party mix, one disc part mash, four neon tubs, two fluffy tubs, two glitzy tubs, two clearz tubs, two share pods, 6 glitter packets, 6 foam bead packets, 20 surprise charms. Mix a neon slime with a glitter pack for a vibrant colorful slime or mix a fluffy slime with foam beads for the perfect crunchy slime. This kit is perfect for slime maker in your life, give it as a birthday or Christmas present, or buy it for a slime party. Compound Kings $15 Mix & Mash Slime is the perfect way to customize the perfect slime.
Mix Mash Deluxe Party Kit

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Average Customer Rating: 3.6       Customer Review Count: 36      
Reviewer: ColoradoMom
Overall: 5
12/22/2019 4:00:00 PM

Class gift exchange!

This was a great deal! Considering in another store you buy one little pot and it costs $5. This was alot bigger than anticipated, alot of choices. Bought as a class gift exchange was perfect!!
Reviewer: doreen
Overall: 5
5/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

A gift for my granddaughter she loved it
Overall: 4
1/5/2020 4:00:00 PM

Very fun, but not worth paying full price

Very fun! I like the quality of the slime especially the fluffy slime. We got it on sale probably wouldn't pay full price. It's a huge way oversized box for the amount of things you actually get. Daughter enjoyed mixing everything together! It comes with storage containers but not big enough to store your slime after you open it.
Reviewer: s2user
Overall: 3
12/24/2019 4:00:00 PM

Doesn't show what you actually get. Wanted the charms as listed on the back and it had none. Also only got half of what was shown (the one with only 4 big cans of slime). Included pictures of the item, front and back.
Reviewer: Khol
Overall: 3
12/24/2019 4:00:00 PM

Compound king mix and mesh slime.

You know the saying you get what you pay fot but quite to my surprise for the price it was that bad. The form beads are kind of difficult to stick to the slime but the glitter is pretty and sticks well to the slime which is actually a pretty decent texture.
Reviewer: Jamie
Overall: 2
12/26/2019 4:00:00 PM

compound Kings made a cash grab on this one

So my daughter begged me to finally be able to play w/ this couple days after Xmas. I gave in and got it out, we use a glass cutting board to play on so it doesn't stick to the dirt on the tables and get yucky sooner. (pro slime tip, get a smooth removable surface) but I tried to open one of the containers of slime/balls and could NOT get it and I'm strong for a mom, I can walk up walls but I couldn't open not one! so I begrudgingly cut it open which is hard with the slime being jammed up against all sides. I got it, thank God the balls have a protective cover so they don't fly, but you get them out and they're static, sticking to the staticy box. I gathered them and told my girl to go ahead and squish the balls in. well, she tried, I tried. a lot of them don't stick or get pushed right out, all over your beautiful floor and table. By this time I just wanted to do something that she could handle without me because I hadn't even had a morning cup yet. so I got the glitter out, which is also staticy because it wouldn't settle so I could cut it without blinging my kitchen scissors in pink glitter. dumped it out and told kid have a ball. I don't even get in the kitchen and I hear "mom it's sticking all over! I'm mess!" great. I had it all over me coming to help her and we rinsed up. it did rinse easy but MAN. if I can attach pics of the madness I will. now she doesn't even want to play with it because she doesn't like getting messy. why didn't you guys put beads or hard items in here too? also, look at the ratio of "extra add ins" compared to slime. not nearly enough slime to put all that in. I could've bought a ten lb tub and just put our own crafts in it. thanks for the mess compound kings. idk if I'll be keeping this set. might give it to someone I don't like at this rate! it's that off-putting and I'm one of those parents that loves squishing slime with the kids. it's like a stress ball for me, but this kit, is just STRESS. I'd make your own sort of "party kit" if that's what you want. in my pics you can see one slime isn't even fully mixed, colors are swirled, and also, how the heck am I supposed to get this ball back in that half circle shape?! madness.
Reviewer: kisha
Overall: 1
1/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

Slime may have been expired

I Bought two of these as gifts for christmas, one for my daughter and one for my niece. 95% of the slime and foam in both boxes were hard and unmanageable,they were like big jelly rocks. I bought these for the full price during christmas in a walmart store, the girls were highly disappointed in their gift because they couldn't use all of the slime and or foam it had to be thrown away.
Reviewer: Gang
Overall: 1
2/13/2020 4:00:00 PM

The product got is different from the description on the Walmart website. there are no four neon tubs, two fluffy tubs, two glitzy tubs, two clearz tubs, so totally missed 10 tubs and the description and photo definitely not the product shipped. Either the seller put the wrong image and description or the seller is trying to cheat buyers with wrong photos, very bad. In summary, don't buy it.
Reviewer: Careful
Overall: 1
12/28/2019 4:00:00 PM

Dried out!

Upon arrival we were very excited, since we play with slime at least once a week or more at my house. My four year old son was the most excited of us all. To my dismay they were all dried out except for the slimey slime. You know the snotty kind takes a while to dry out but the rest of it was trash! Im so dissappinted and sad for my little boy. I feel ripped off!
Reviewer: Jaylene
Overall: 1
3/30/2020 5:00:00 PM


most of the slime isn't workable and doesn't keep the add-ins IN the slime! bought on clearance, but still not even worth the $9 I paid