Disney Scenera NEXT Luxe Convertible Car Seat, Mickey Indigo Dreams

Disney Scenera NEXT Luxe Convertible Car Seat, Mickey Indigo Dreams
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Product Description

The Disney Baby Scenera NEXT Luxe by Cosco keeps your growing family comfortable in the car. The seat is designed to fit 3 across in the back seat, keeping three kids safer during the ride with Side Impact Protection and a 5-point harness that adjusts easily from the front of the seat. The harness features 5 heights and 3 buckle locations so you can be sure you’re giving the best fit to your growing child. The seat features an adorable mouse-eared insert to keeps baby's head extra snug during the ride. The car seat can be used in the rear-facing position from 5-40 pounds or forward-facing from 22-40 pounds (Actual fit may vary. Not all children will comfortably fit in the seat for the full weight and height ranges listed). The seat pad removes from the seat and is both machine washable and dryer safe, meaning a thorough clean is just a machine cycle away. The Scenera NEXT Luxe is great for airplanes too. It’s fully approved for air travel and gives your child a familiar seat during the flight. It’s lightweight, and won’t weigh you down as you carry it through the airport. Taking the seat with you also means you’ll have it on hand for use in the rental car during your trip. Disney Baby offers today’s parents like you everything you need to bond with baby at every stage. The Disney Baby line includes essentials for Apparel, Nursery, On the Go, Bathtime, Feeding, Discovery and Celebration. We work with the best brands in the infant industry to bring you products to make your time with baby magical.
Rear facing 5-40 lbs, 19-40" and Forward Facing 22-40 lbs, 29-43"Fits 3 across in the back seat of most vehiclesSide Impact Protection5-point harness with up front adjustment5 harness heights and 3 buckle locations allow for the best fit for growing children

Product Details

Brand Disney Baby Model Number CC168EWY
UPC 884392621131 Color Blue
Parent Item Id 404684797

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Average Customer Rating: 4.5       Customer Review Count: 761      
Reviewer: Carseatheaven
Overall: 5
7/22/2016 5:00:00 PM

Safe and budget friendly

We were putting off purchasing a convertible car seat simply because after all of the searching we'd done, we just couldn't afford one of the well known brand names. Our boy still had plenty of room to grow in his infant seat, but we knew the sooner you can get babies into a convertible, the safer. THANKFULLY, I was talking to my sister about this very problem and she pointed us in the direction of the Cosco Scenera Next. She and my other sister had both used this car seat for each of their kids (six altogether between them). Once I started doing research on the Cosco Scenera Next, I knew we'd found the right seat. In the top 5 of safest seats out there, AFFORDABLE, and it came in great colors and designs! We ordered the green because it's perfect for our boy and can be used for a girl later if needed. Installation was a breeze, took me 15 minutes tops. Making the right adjustments for our baby was easy enough, no issues there. So far our 10 month old loves his new seat! We are very impressed that you can get such quality at such a great price!
Reviewer: Princess6987
Overall: 5
4/30/2020 5:00:00 PM

Good Unit

I bought this for my niece so i can help take her back and forth to her grandma's in the morning and it fits her perfect. Bought it a year ago when she was just under 1 year old and she fit in it perfect, the adjustable height straps come in handy as she got older and bigger to fit her better. Everything is easy to put together, everything is easy to find and manager. Only issue i had was my card didn't have the metal holders to hold the metal straps in place, but we made it work and it fits snuggly in place, no movement in the car. And cleans very easily as well
Reviewer: Dayana
Overall: 5
4/17/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great Car Seat !

Its a great car seat for small toddlers. My son is pretty big for a 2 year old and the harnesses are too small for him now. We have made it bigger but his too big still. We really loved this car seat as it doesn't take up to much space either. Really recommend this car seat.
Reviewer: Upset
Overall: 5
6/18/2019 5:00:00 PM

It came in a few days and I love the design and it's also a rear facing car seat... with the new law coming for children under two this is a great car seat to have because it can be installed facing the rear and it gives instructions on how to do so!!! And the price is great!!!
Reviewer: midweasternmom
Overall: 5
3/10/2017 4:00:00 PM

Great Buy

This is such a cute item! The price is a steal. It is very lightweight, and easy to travel with through an airport! The built in pillow is very soft. For the price, this is a great, easy to use, and adorable seat. Love the fact that it is both backward and forward facing.
Reviewer: ibreanna
Overall: 4
5/5/2020 5:00:00 PM

need more resistance for sleepy babies

Nice car seat true to design only thing is the cup holder is very flimsy and isn't sturdy enough to stay in place, its a clip on cup holder that hooked to the side of the seat. also when shes asleep her head looks very uncomfortable and has no head rest support . should have had some type of head rest.
Reviewer: Galvan
Overall: 4
5/16/2020 5:00:00 PM

My 18 month 22 pound premie used this car seat yesterday and I the seat belt is already on the last vertical slot right by the shoulder. It looks like she wont be able to use it any more in 6 months. I am guessing this product si in the 3-4 star range. Only reason I am keeping it is because it is 3 narrower than the average car seat perfect for smaller vehicles.
Reviewer: Ary
Overall: 4
1/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

no head support

it's says newborn, but has no head support for baby. we have this as a backup. we use a heavy duty convertible carseat in my car. this one is back up in my boyfriend's car.
Reviewer: InNeedOfNewBattery
Overall: 4
9/12/2016 5:00:00 PM

Good, Lightweight Carseat

I bought this seat for my 8 month old when he outgrew (by weight) his infant carrier. We had purchased a different, bigger car seat and took it back because it was just too big and too heavy. This seat is light weight, a little narrower so it fits with my other two kiddos (one in a booster and one in a seat belt) in the back seat. Plus, Mickey is a huge plus! It's very well padded so my little one often falls asleep. I'm a car seat technician and I know that just because a seat is smaller it doesn't make it any less safe. They all have to pass the same safety standards so if it's not in your budget to get a $300 seat this less expensive seat will do the same job. Just has fewer bells and whistles. It does come with a cup holder, but we don't use it. The only drawback is that the LATCH on this seat isn't one of the super easy ones. It's the usual one with the clip you have to maneuver yourself. I would have preferred a LATCH that you just pop in and push a red button to release, but that's one of those "bells and whistles" I was referring to that this seat doesn't have. ;) Overall it's a great seat and I see us using it for the next several years.
Reviewer: Vallan
Overall: 1
2/28/2017 4:00:00 PM

So disappointed!

I wanted so much to love this seat! We're huge disney fanatics so I instantly fell in love with this seat for my 6 month old. I recently purchased the chicco nextfit zip, which I love, but because the chicco is so heavy I wanted to buy a simple carseat for grandma when she watches him. I tried to reason with myself that it would just be in town driving in this seat, she'd likely be going no more than 35mph so I bought it! Today I went to install it in her vehicle after I throughly read the instructions booklet from front to back. I adjust the straps for my little guy so it would be the perfect fit. As I tried to put it in my mom's car, an 01 impala with no latch system, I noticed it felt off. As I bared weight on it to ensure it was snug I could feel the plastic moving and bending. I was mortified. I weigh roughly 140lbs so it's not as though I'm a 300lb+ woman whose weight was causing the plastic to bend. I didn't even bare all my weight on it! I was pushing down in the seat with my elbow. As sad as it was I did indeed return the carseat back to the store. I literally have no idea how that passed the required safety testing. It was so flimsy I felt as though it would break on me and I didn't want to find out what would happen I'm the event of an accident. I loved this seat and I'm so disappointed that it didn't live up to my expectations. I guess I'll be buying another chicco nextfit for my mother's car as well!