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Dual Electronics XVM279BT 7-inch LED Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo , Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3 , Siri/Google Voice Activation

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Product Description

The 7-inch LED Backlit LCD High Resolution Touch Screen display provides you with a comfortable viewing experience, is extremely responsive and keeps all your favorite content within fingers reach. Traveling the country is not the same without listening to your cherished music so that is why we included music streaming capabilities to your Dual double DIN car stereo. Music streaming will allow you to view and control your, Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify apps from the home screen while also allowing you to stream wirelessly music from your Apple, Android or Media devices including any stored music. To give you more control over your music experience we included an AM/FM Tuner with 30 Station Presets (18FM/12AM) & 7 EQ (Pop, Jazz, Classic, Rock, Beat, Flat & User).
Dual Electronics XVM279BT 7-inch LED Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, MP3 Siri/Google Voice Activation Siri Or Google Voice Assist Button with the touch of a button you have the power to summon your favorite assistant (Siri or Google) and verbally speak your commands such as play music, podcasts, audio book, navigation and much more Upgraded Bluetooth Wireless Technology your single Din car stereo receiver will easily pair with the vast majority of Bluetooth devices allowing you to make and receive all your calls Hands Free On-Screen Navigation APP we conveniently added a Navi hot button on your receivers home screen for instant audio access to your favorite navigation app via your smartphone proviDing you with turn-by-turn directions 7 Inch LED/LCD High Resolution Touch Screen (800p x 480p) your large 6.2-inch LED Backlit LCD high resolution touch screen display provides a comfortable viewing experience, is extremely responsive and keeps all your favorite options within fingers reach Music Streaming you will be able to view and control your Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify apps from the home screen and also be able to stream music wirelessly from your Apple, Android or Media devices incluDing any music stored Flac & MP3 Playback you now have a variety of options to listen to your favorite music; either by your front panel USB port which also charges your device, FLAC/MP3 Player and an AM/FM Radio Station with 30 Station presets & 7 EQ presets for complete control over your music experience Backup Camera Ready your car stereo multimedia receiver is ready to be customized to your liking. Our engineers added the options of installing a Backup Camera so you are always aware of your surrounDings iPlug Smart Remote APP this app was developed specifically for your Apple or Android smartphone to control your Dual receiver via Bluetooth; you will be able to change the mode, station, song, volume and settings directly from your smartphone without being in the receivers line of sight Dimensions Double Din

Product Details

SKU 393188579 Brand Dual Electronics
Model Number XVM279BT UPC 827204114698
Color Black Size Double DIN
Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


4/3/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great addition for older truck!

My son has an older model SUV that he loves but wanted a more up-to-date system in it and when this arrived he gave it a try! He loves the full color 7” screen and says the picture is clear and vibrant! Very easy to read. He loves all the options like hand free calls and the navigation but his favorite is being able to use this with Siri and his Apple iphone! It was very easy to install and he loves using it!


4/7/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great Touchscreen & Affordable!

The install and setup was much easier than I expected (first-timer). The touch screen is very responsive and looks nice! I am loving the voice activation button, and the bluetooth paired to my phone seamlessly, I had no issues streaming music, everything sounded great! It even has an option to add a backup camera! Overall this product was a nice upgrade to my vehicle and within budget. I am super pleased!


5/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great stereo! Highly recommended!

Dual Electronics XVM279BT 7-inch LED Backlit Multimedia Touch Screen Double DIN Car Stereo Receiver with Siri/Google Voice Assist & Bluetooth Capability is a genuinely nice radio that works with any smartphone capable of using Bluetooth. Researching what is included with this stereo is recommended. It does come with basic connectors, but some cars, such as mine, may require an adapter that is not included. Installing the stereo is a two-person job, as it is a bit awkward trying to connect everything, while holding the screen. But the actual wiring hook up did go smoothly with no problems at all. Be warned that this stereo does not fit perfectly in some cars with a double DIN. For this stereo to fit into my older Focus, I had to have the lip inside the radio slot of my car sawed off. This was no big deal, as it is not seen, but some people may not want to tear up their car. Once installed, the stereo was easy to sync with my Android phone and I was able to access and play my music. Google Assistant also worked by use of verbal commands used to access what I want from my phone. I can make calls, listen to the radio, or listen to music from my phone all on this stereo. It does have an auxiliary hook up in case your phone does not have Bluetooth capability. A handy USB slot allows charging of a device while in the car. This is a fantastic stereo that fits all my needs. Highly recommended but do research what you need for your car and what is included with this device before you purchase, as you may need extra parts.


4/13/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great receiver for the novice installer

This dual receiver is really nice for the money. Even if you are like me and do not have a lot of experience installing these types of accessory, you can do it. Functionality is great! You can also use this in your camper. The app also allows for ease of use in connecting the device to your phone. While driving, I answered my phone using the Bluetooth option, and the call was very clear. All in all, a great buy. Definitely get one for yourself.


4/18/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great sound

The installation was quick and easy! Siri was an added feature that helps with hands free operations. I can plug in my phone and use its navigation on the receivers home screen so I didn't have to install extra equipment. The Bluetooth pairing mode was simple enough for my kids to connect to. Overall great product!


4/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Nice touch screen Bluetooth car stereo

The Dual Electronics XVM279BT 7-inch LED Backlit Multimedia Touch Screen Double DIN Car Stereo Receiver is a great addition to my truck! It has Bluetooth capability so I am able to use Siri voice assist, Google Maps, and listen to my audiobooks and my music! I love that I can use it to have phone calls without using my hands! It also has a USB/micrsoSD which I think is awesome. The screen is really nice and clear. The stereo comes with a AM/FM radio too. The system was easy for my husband to install. It took him about one hour. I would recommend this product.


4/8/2020 5:00:00 PM

Awesome stereo

I received this item as part of the Walmart Spark Reviewer program. I allowed my son to install it in his 2011 Chevy pickup. It fits in the dash nicely and he loves that Siri/Bluetooth ready. It has a decent size display as well and was easy to install.


4/4/2020 5:00:00 PM

Good Budget Touchscreen Receiver

I found this receiver to be great for the price point. It's definitely not on the high end, but I wasn't expecting that. As you can sort of see in my photo, there is a slight divot on the screen. It probably wouldn't bother most people, but as soon as I saw it, I couldn't “unsee” it. I didn't find the directions to be very helpful for the install, most of it was just pertaining to the use of the item. Sound/audio quality I would rate 7/10. But again, this is more of a budget receiver so its great for the price point. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone on a budget or just looking for a good price on a receiver.


4/3/2020 5:00:00 PM

Very nice radio

This radio is very nice. It's a 7 inch LED touch screen that has bluetooth capability as well as USB and microSD ports. You can use Siri or google assistant for voice commands. It can connect to your cars steering wheel controls for the radio. Installation was pretty easy for an advanced tech, but you need to know what you are doing as well as any additional item you may need. This radio came with everything I needed for my vehicle. If you do not know what you are doing, get a professional to install your radio. The perks of this stereo system are quality sound, easy to read display, fast charging of your cell phone and ease of use. It is an overall great system. You can still use your rear camera system with this radio so that was nice to still have. It will connect to your navigation app by your phone so no need to rely on your phone alone. You can connect to it using the nav button already on the screen. You can connect your phone via bluetooth to listen to your favorite radio stations such as spotify, iHeart radio and Pandora or Apple tunes. I had no issue connecting my phone and I really like to have it hands free while I drive. I can even take phone calls using my radio. Overall, this is a very nice system and I am sure I will get loads of entertainment from it. I do like that I can still have my XM radio as well.


4/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

Good, Affordable after market stereo

There's alot i wanna say about this head unit, so i'll try to keep it short. I installed it in my 1997 Toyota Tercel, its an older car, but i have tricked it out a bit and completely repainted it and it is my daily driver. So it needed a stereo upgrade but didnt want to break the bank. Upsides: Putting a 7” touch screen in a car, especially an older one is awesome and fun. Bluetooth capable which also allows hands free calling (works great by the way!) and reverse camera capable is also awesome. It is not a CD player, which doesnt bother me cause i have all my music on my phone anyway, but it not being a CD player makes the unit more shallow which is a perk. By the time you wire on the adapter harness for your car you have added several more inches of wiring and it can be a pain getting the unit back into the dashboard. So the fact it is more shallow the unit fit it super easily. It also has RCA outputs for easy sub woofer installation. Downsides: The screen itself is just kind of plain jane if you know what i mean, you cant change the colors, there is limited controls on sound tweaking options and there is no screen saver or cool movement on it. It just is what it is. With all that it is a great unit and i love it in my Tercel. If i had a an expensive car or a complete renovated one i would probably spend the money on something different but for a low budget, daily driver that i dont want to put a expensive stereo in but want something new and cool, this was perfect!

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