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Equate Saline Nasal, Sodium Chloride 3 fl. Oz.

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Product Description

Get the relief you need with this Equate Nasal. It's a that instantly soothes dry nasal passages, allowing you to breathe more easily. The premium saline nasal provides relief for dry, irritated noses. It's even safe for daily use so you can keep your nose happy. It is made with 0.65 percent sodium chloride, making it comparable to Ocean. This can help stop dryness from allergy, sinus, and cold. It's available in a convenient 3 fluid ounce size, offering plenty to last. The compaCount size of the bottle will fit in purses and bags so you can easily travel with it when needed. Equate Nasal is simple to use, offering relief quickly to allow you to go on with your day. Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of produCounts and simple solutions, equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.
Equate Premium Saline Nasal Spray, 3 fl oz: Instantly soothes dry nasal passages Convenient size to fit in bags and purses and makes on-the-go or travel use easy Provides relief for dry irritated noses caused by allergies, sinus infeCountions and colds Made with .65 percent sodium chloride Squeeze twice in each nostril and feel instant relief

Product Details

SKU 997275726 Brand Equate
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Customer Reviews


1/25/2021 4:00:00 PM

Nice quality nose spray

We have purchased this nose spray before and liked it. My husband prefers a different brand because it is a mist instead of a spray. My son likes this because he seems to think it travels further inside the nose with a spray vs a mist. 3 fl oz is a pretty big size and will allow for many uses.


1/25/2021 4:00:00 PM

Saline spray

The Equate saline nasal spray works great for me. I have seasonal allergies and if I use the spray faithfully every day during an outbreak, either once or twice depending on how severe, I usually need nothing else. It is not habit forming. Doctors usually recommend a saline medication. I am so glad Equate makes it.


1/24/2021 4:00:00 PM

Easy and premium

I've used more expensive brands of saline sprays before and this spray is the same as the higher priced sprays. The spray is the same every time, very consistent, the saline works wonders, the bottle is easy to hold, and I like the size. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it works great.


1/24/2021 4:00:00 PM


I will say that this is some what difficult to open the sealed top, I ended up using a knife and going around the collar to open the bottle. It works great. I get stuffy noses in the cold because of the heater being on and I use this daily when I get up and it helps soothe my dry nose. It has a long shelf life so you can have it on hand for a few seaons of use.


2/3/2021 4:00:00 PM

Does the job

This saline spray works just as good as the more expensive brands. I keep it stocked in my home especially during the winter season. It not only helps with dry noses but also with a stuffy nose. Great for the entire family.


1/25/2021 4:00:00 PM

Saline Spray

This nasal spray is a great quick fix for irritated or dry noses. It does not irritate the nose or burn, but keeps the nostril passage clear. It makes it so much easier to breathe.


1/27/2021 4:00:00 PM


It helps my sinus, and congested nose. It helps make the mucus Break up and come easily. Make me feel like I can breathe again. The bottle is a nice size and easy to use.


1/24/2021 4:00:00 PM


I began using Saline Sinus Wash for about a year now. I found that it gave me immediate relief from the stuffy dry air burning I had due to being inside a lot in the cold weather. I like the idea that I can use the packets and carry them with me when I'm away from home for days. I can breath so much easier without that stuffy nose. I certainly make sure I'm never without it.


2/3/2021 4:00:00 PM

Nasal spray

I received the equate Nasal Spray and it worked very well. My nose was super dry that it hurt when I would breath in and out of my nose. I did a spray in each side and the pain instantly was gone. I used again and had no further problems. This is the first time I use nasal moisturizing spray so to me it worked good. Given its an equate brand I'm sure the cost is probably low so win win even if you took a chance on it. I will recommend to friends and family.


1/31/2021 4:00:00 PM

Works well

This brand works just as well as other name brands we have tried. It's nothing special about it but it does get the job done. We have no complaints about this store brand (Equate) nasal spray. I have attached a picture of the list of ingredients.

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