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Equate Weekly 7 Day Pill Planner, Large Pill Organizer for Medication, Vitamins, & Supplements, Assorted Colors

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Product Description

The Equate Weekly 7 Day Pill Planner, Large Pill Organizer for Medication, Vitamins, & Supplements is a great way to organize all of your pills. Each large compartment is labeled by day of the week to make it easy to organize your pills for the entire week, is made to open easily, and has a translucent plastic lid for pill visibility. Lids remain open while you fill your daily medications and the shaped corners allow for easy removal of pills. Keeping on top of your medications is important, and the Equate Weekly 7 Day Pill Planner can help! Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.
Equate Weekly 7 Day Pill Planner, Large Pill Organizer for Medication, Vitamins, & Supplements, Assorted Colors: 7 DAY PILL ORGANIZER – Weekly pill sorter with labeled compartments EASY TO USE – Easy, pop open lids stay open as you fill your pills. Shaped corners make it easy to get your pills out BUILT TO LAST – Made of high-quality plastic HEALTHY LIVING – Medication management made easy. Use with prescription, vitamins supplements, or any other pills

Product Details

SKU 772576791 Brand Equate
UPC 681131354417 Color Purple
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Customer Reviews


3/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Equate Seven Day Pill Planner Keeps Pills Safe

PROS: The Pill Case has nice blue color. Easy to open compartments hold a large number of large pills my guess would be twenty large or forty small pills. Having easy release tabs for each compartment really comes in handy so no more wrestling with pill safes for me. Also when the lids are closed they will not open without release tab being pushed fully. All covers remain in the up and open position while filling the pill compartment. Case has nice footprint for bathroom countertop. Days ot the week are in raised letters vice painted letters that can wear off. I like that the compartments have legs to the side of each tab both as protection of the tab and counter lever to downward pressure from opening preventing the case from flipping over. CONS: The easy release tabs on this case while secure if bumped in transit may release the pill case covers. When I travel with this case I intend to use a plastic bag to ensure all case covers remain mostly closed and if open I don't loose any pills. Yes I would recommend this case to friends and relatives.


3/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Large 7 day pill planner

My pill planner came in a nice blue color and has large capacity compartments big enough for pills, supplements, vitamins as well as gummies. The entire organizer is about nine inches long and about two inches wide from front to back and made of sturdy plastic. One little difference in this organizer is the way it opens; you push down on the tab in the front to open each compartment individually instead of trying to pick it open. The one thing I would like is one just like it but smaller to fit in purse for on the go.


3/14/2021 5:00:00 PM

Quality LARGE pill holder

This large weekly pill holder has nice features, from the press down tab to open the lid, to the freshness in keeping gummy vitamins sealed and secured, it's the perfect dispenser for my ever increasing medicines. I was amazed at the capacity each compartment can hold, and saves me from the constant daily multiple bottles I need to open. It works perfectly, especially the front lower tab when depressed, flips the top lid to open the daily supply. Definitely this is really worth the cost for the ease of being organized and ready to start your day.


3/14/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great for painful hands

Opening this large-size holder is a nice improvement over smaller versions. It has little levers you easily press to open each compartment, which is better than wrestling with tiny edges when your hands hurt. The large compartments make it easy to add pills and take them out. The days of the week are only embossed, not brightly printed, so can make it difficult to see which day to open. The plastic is clear enough to see through which next compartment has the pills, but may be challenging for those with poor vision. This might not be good for traveling with the large size and the levers that could open in a travel bag. It's great for everyday home use and easily washable.


7/4/2021 5:00:00 PM

I'll be buying more of these

As with many seniors, my husband and I take quite a few prescription pills and also OTC supplements daily. We each daily use three 7 day containers. I have always had pet peeves with these containers. First, they tend not to stay all the way open while I'm filling them. I find this very aggravating as it makes filling them slower. Second, I invariably accidentally put several pills in a compartment rather than one, and small compartments, combined with large fingers make it difficult to take the extra pill out. This pill planner solves both problems. The lids stay wide open (see photo) and the generous compartment size makes it much easier to correct mistakes while filling them. I'm going to be looking for five more of these very nice containers, I hope I can find them in different colors, preferably pink for me, and blue for hubby.


3/11/2021 4:00:00 PM

Useful organizer

This is a very useful organizer I only gave four stars because I was unable to fit this into my pocketbook other than that It's a very convenient item it's very well made I chose the purple Organizer. It's a seven day organizer and for each day you can really Put quite a large number of pills. I would recommend this to A friend.


7/10/2021 5:00:00 PM

Blue Large Pill Organizer

I received the Pill Organizer about a week ago. I take a lot of pills, they wouldn't all fit in the small pill organizer that I have-that is the reason I wanted the large one. Now I can put all of my daily pills in the one large organizer. It is very convenient, and I don't have to wonder if I have taken all of the pills I need to take. I really like it alot.


7/5/2021 5:00:00 PM

It's Big

This Equate large pill organizer is great for all my vitamins. It's a nice green that I have, my reason for not rating it a 5 star is because the letter for the day of the week is in green as well & makes it hard to see the day of the week. Not a problem for me, but say an older parent might have a problem seeing the correct date. Holds 3 large gummie vitamins, multi vitamin, pills, aspirins. It's pretty big measuring 9” long & 2” wide. While using it on a trip I had no issues with it popping open & pills falling out. It has a push down tab to open each day up & just snaps shuts. Once the pill organizer is full, it's still nice and light. Overall a good pill organizer.


7/9/2021 5:00:00 PM

Hold a lot of pills.

I'm impressed with how much fits in the compartments, I'm using mine to organize my daily vitamins, of which I take a lot of every day, eight pills a day to be exact. My previous pill organizer would only hold 6, it was the same length but the compartments weren't as deep. Anyone who takes a lot of pills daily will love the size. The only reason I took off a point was that there's not a loud audible click so you do have to check to see if the cover is locked in place, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I recommend it.


3/7/2021 4:00:00 PM


I received the Equate Weekly 7 Day Pill Planner (Blue)... at no cost. The following is a true and unbiased review. This product is a basic 7 day pill container. Each bin has a snap lock/open lid. The only thing that “bugs” me about it is the day of the week is embossed on each bin lid which is almost impossible to see—a concern for the elderly or those with vision impairments. ,