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Goodyear Wrangler TrailMark P235/70R16 104T Tire

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Product Description

The Goodyear Wrangler TrailMark P235/70R16 104T Tire is a rugged All-Season tire for trucks and SUV's. This is a great fit for truck and SUV drivers who want confident traction. Whether it's driving to work on the highway or maneuvering a dirt road to a campsite, this tire offers ruggedness with a quiet ride. Goodyear Trailmark Tire offers you a safe option for driving your vehicle. It is specially designed to perform well in both on- and off-road driving conditions. The Goodyear Trailmark tire has a stylish sidewall design that enhances the rugged look of your car. It has deep grooves to get rid of water and mud quickly as you drive along the road. Tire installation from $12 per tire.
Goodyear Wrangler TrailMark P235/70R16 104T Tire: Treadwear Warranty : 55,000 Mile limited Tire Type : Light Truck & SUV Tires Tire Load Index :104 Speed Rating: T Rugged All-Season tire for trucks and SUVs

Product Details

SKU 989573524 Brand Goodyear Tires
Model Number 229132 UPC 697662131199
Color Black Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


11/16/2020 4:00:00 PM

Great price for brand new tires

Delivered ahead of schedule. Brand new tires. I was worried I'd get 5 year olds tires for the price. Unbelievable price for these tires. Will update when I put them on.


8/26/2021 5:00:00 PM

Fantastic people, great tires!

Fantastic people! I didnt know I would need an appointment, was there when they opened at 7am. I was impressed they had an appointment for 10am, was cool with that but one tech said lets just do it now for you. Fast efficient, friendly, awesome people and awesome store! These GoodYear tires are smoother riding, quieter and better gripping than my old Toyo tires. I cant wait for rain and snow. Now, balancing, mounting, old tire disposal and the roadside assistance plan, $626. I challenge anyone to get these same tires with all I just mentioned at one of the Goodyear stores! Or even Les Shwab for that matter, for $626. And hands down I had a better customer experience here at this Lebanon Oregon Walmart Car Care Centeythan I ever got at Les Shwab or Firestone. My hat is off to your technicians there at Lebanon Walmart! Awesome experience and great tires. I will be back for oil changes, tire rotation and anything my Xterra needs because of your people that work there!


5/5/2021 5:00:00 PM

Go with the GOODYEARS!

Great tires, replacing old Goodyear RTS on a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, same size and nice white letters. Got more than the advertised miles on the old set and expect the same for these, time and miles will tell. Balanced up very little weight needed. Ride is smooth and handles the road well. A great all weather tire.


8/8/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great tire and price. Loved buy/install experience

Good tire. Great price. Wonderful buying and installation experience. The tire has a good road ride and feel. The online purchase and scheduling for installation was easy. In-store experience was top-notch. Great care and detail by installers. Work was prompt and efficient. Had only purchased two tires. Will be returning to get two more before winter.


10/21/2020 5:00:00 PM

A very good tire

It's a very good tire, super quiet on the highway. It has a good grip also deep grooves to squeeze the water out. The quality of the tire is excellent. Goodyear brand is one of the best tires on the market.


9/7/2021 5:00:00 PM

New tires

I shopped around looking for the best price and deal. I took my Jeep in thinking that it would take a lot longer to do in 30 minutes they were calling my name done. I saved hundreds of dollars getting them done at Walmart.


10/14/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great tires, great service at a great price.

Purchased a set of these tires a few years ago from Walmart and they performed well. Got nearly 35K miles out of them and they could have gone longer. With winter coming up, and a reduced price on the tire it was a no brainer. To top it off, the service department was able to install new tpms sensors and now my Nissan Xterra is back in business. I couldn't be happier.


11/28/2020 4:00:00 PM

Bought these on the Black Friday sale. Great tires so far. Read some reviews that said the tires were loud. I do not have that problem. In fact my old tires I purchased would always leak air. Even after taking them back to have them reset them I still had to put air in. These have been great so far. I have had them about 3 weeks and the weather has gone back and forth between warm and cold and have not had a issue with air leaking. So either the tire is better made or walmart did a better job at installing the tires compared to another chain that did my old.


3/6/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great tire for the price

4 tires installation for around $400 - just can't beat that price for name-brand tires. Only negative was that I had to order them online to deliver to my house, then bring them in to be installed because they were not in stock at the store. Seems like the store could've easily taken care of that by having them delivered there (or simply re-stocking), but shipping was free so it wasn't all that big of a deal.


8/5/2021 5:00:00 PM

Good tires but not 10 ply.

These are great tires at a fair price for what they are. They are good all season standard load light truck and SUV highway tires, 6 ply. Great for normal light duty city and highway all season use when not hauling heavy loads or pulling heavy trailers. Good highway performance in all weather conditions including snow and rain. They are essentially the same tires that came stock mounted from the factory when I first purchased my Chevy Avalanche a few years back. They performed well on highway use for the life of the tires, around 60k miles, before needing replacement. What they are not is true all terrain LT tires suited to any serious off road driving. Occasional off road use on smooth dirt or sandy roads they'll do OK, but you're not going to want to try and use them for any serious rugged off road use involving rocky, extreme deep mud, or back country driving, ... their ply and load rating make them too light for such use. For my current situation living, working and playing in a remote and rugged mountainous region of New Mexico, 70% of my driving is off road in all kinds of hard core road and all season weather conditions from heavy snows to torrential monsoon rains and deep mud. Thusly, I require heavier duty tires in the E class 10 ply range for reliability in such conditions. Based upon the product images for this tire (which are the incorrect tire shown BTW), customer comments and reviews, and speaking directly with the auto center manager at my nearest Walmart Super Center before ordering these tires, that's what I thought I was buying. Only upon delivery did I discover that the tires are not 10 ply but rather only standard load 6 ply tires. Unfortunately in my present circumstances - with two blown tires and another with a major sidewall belt separation (a different tire set than these)- returning or exchanging them now is not an option as I had to mount them to get me back on the road and to work ASAP. I will use them and expect them to perform well enough for a time. However, given the demands of my daily off road driving conditions as previously stated, I don't expect they'll last more than a third to maybe half (if lucky) of their warranted tread life, if that. I've been driving for over 45 years in all imaginable highway and serious off road and all weather conditions - primarily driving 4x4 trucks and other SUV's - and have used many types and brands of tires. So I know my stuff when it comes to tires and their quality and capabilities. I repeatedly come back to using Goodyear tires because I know for the price they are good quality tire brand and consistently reliable. You can almost never go wrong choosing Goodyear in that regard. For what they are, as mentioned, within their class and ratings for everyday highway use, these are very good tires at a decent price. Just be aware that in spite of the photos and what others incorrectly state here, these are not E class 10 ply LT tires, they are 6 ply. For highway use a good buy.