HP 14" Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, 4GB SDRAM, 128GB SSD, Whisper Silver, 14-dk0028wm

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HP 14" Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, 4GB SDRAM, 128GB SSD, Whisper Silver, 14-dk0028wm
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Product Description

Get reliable performance on the go with the HP 14-dk0028wm Laptop. With long battery life, you can stay social, productive, and connected. Designed for portability, this lightweight laptop has a micro-edge display with ultra-narrow bezel, giving you lots of screen in a smaller frame. With the latest AMD Ryzen 3 processor and a super responsive precision touch pad ? you?ve got the power to surf, stream, and do more like never before. Long-lasting battery life and fast-charge technology, this laptop lets you work and play all day. It includes ample storage for photos, videos, and music?plus a USB-C? port ready for the future of connectivity. Experience the most secure Windows ever built with Windows 10 in S Mode. With fast boot times, increased responsiveness, and added protection against phishing and malicious software, applications run more smoothly. Thrill your visual senses with the latest AMD graphics compute engines for fast, powerful, and fluid graphics. Video chat in vibrant clarity, even in low light and make every conversation a face-to-face experience for a better way to stay in touch. Boot up in seconds, transfer files without waiting hours, and enjoy a snappier experience every time you use your PC. Designed to run more efficiently and more reliably at faster speeds, DDR4 is the future of RAM. With its higher bandwidth, everything from multi-tasking to playing games gets a performance boost. Bring home the HP 14-dk0028wm Laptop today.
 HP 14" Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, 4GB SDRAM, 128GB SSD, Whisper Silver, 14-dk0028wm 

Product Details

Brand HP Model Number 14-dk0028wm
UPC 193905481088 Color Silver
Parent Item Id 295012351

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Average Customer Rating: 4.2       Customer Review Count: 230      
Reviewer: Cow
Overall: 5
5/11/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great laptop

It came a day earlier then expected which may not seem like a big deal,but it is nice. Everything seems Intact. It works perfectly. If you are looking for a good computer for a starter or work computer I would recommend this.,Also it plays Some decent games. 10/10!
Reviewer: HotTamale
Overall: 5
4/16/2020 5:00:00 PM


I giving this product a 5 star rating because it was delivery earlier than the estimated delivery date. It works like a charm. The color color is so pretty and the texture is very smooth. It has a nice size screen and very light weight. Doesnt look bulky like other laptops. The only problem I have with it is when I type my school papers, it seems the keys seems to get sticky which it makes it difficult to type. I have save what I written and exit out the program and come into it repeatedly. Im not sure if its the school?s fault of it doing or the laptop. But overall, I love my new laptop!
Reviewer: Maggie
Overall: 5
10/20/2019 5:00:00 PM

Good starter laptop

I recieved the HP 14 inch Whisper Silver Laptop. This is the perfect laptop for a tween or older kid who DESPERATELY wants their own computer. It has a bright and powerful display with easy to navigate buttons as well as having USB inputs and HDMI outputs. This laptop has SSD which means it boots up rather quickly instead or a 3 minute boot time. It comes with windows 10 which is the simplest to use for newer computer users. It works well for basic use such as watching videos on YouTube or Hulu and streaming tunes on Pandora as well as with any other streaming site. With 128 gigs of storage, you probably will never run out of room for videos and applications. If you do, there is always the sd card reader. This laptop has a wide screen which is perfect since most movies are shown in wide screen. It is capable of bluetooth and has a headphone jack as well, so no matter the type of headphones you use, they will still work with this laptop. Overall it is a good computer/laptop with an Intel processor to conquer anything you can try to throw at it. I would recommend this laptop for anyone in the market.
Reviewer: DebWest
Overall: 5
5/11/2020 5:00:00 PM

Lightweight, easy to use!

This was easy to set up, it's also lightweight, a big plus for arthritic hands. Keyboard's a little large, but is not a huge problem. Package said it has a touchscreen, but I'm unable to locate correct choice in Device Manager. Again, not a huge deal for me. I mainly need it as backup for my thousands of photographs I've taken. My pictures have been easy to store, pics from phone had trouble, but when I left screen, they'd been added after all..could have been fault of my phone, though. Haven't had it long enough to check out more. But I feel very good about my purchase.
Reviewer: Chi
Overall: 5
1/27/2020 4:00:00 PM

Cheap laptop with good specs.

-I bought the pale gold. It is pretty. -Has no lag. Great specs. -You can upgrade, if you want to make it faster. Though if you're only going to use it for Microsoft Office and Surfing websites, this is more than enough. -Quite light. I did not mind having this in my backpack. -I feel like the keys are too far apart. It's a tad bit harder for me to type. I have short fingers. Also, they feel and look cheap. They have a bit of clacking but not annoyingly loud. Also, no backlight, although I did not mind this. -The screen was YELLOW. I had to calibrate this. The screen was not bright enough. And it had a tad bit of glare. I use it in class. I may or may not return this...
Reviewer: Akemi
Overall: 5
4/28/2020 5:00:00 PM


When I was looking for a new laptop I was skeptical at first cause a lot of them had some bad reviews. But when I first got me a laptop from the store their where no reviews to look at. So I stopped looking at reviews cause they were affecting my judgement brought this laptop I seen it in the store and looked up and I'm glad I did I am satisfied with my option.
Reviewer: FlaFigJo
Overall: 4
10/14/2019 5:00:00 PM

Easy to use

Very easy to use for someone getting a first laptop. The set up was very quick basically just entering info whenever Cortana said to do so. A really nice size screen. The xolors are very vivid, the touchpad is easy to feel and very responsive. Also it is really a long- ish battery life. The only downside is the intense action games which tend to lag a bit. As far as everything else it game plays nicely.. . it comes loaded with all the usual Window programs.
Reviewer: CountryGirl
Overall: 3
10/18/2019 5:00:00 PM

Screen is hard on the eyes

I like HP products and think they are worth the money usually, but this HP laptop disappointed me. The size is nice. A 14 inch screen is a decent compromise between a large tablet and a full size laptop. It has 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 gig SSD drive. That's not a lot, but it will work for the casual user. It's not touch screen, but that's okay with me since I hate fingerprints all over my screen. It has HDMI, USB 3 and USB C connections. It also has an RJ45 jack so you can have a direct internet connection. I haven't seen that on a laptop in awhile. It also has an SD card reader. Unfortunately it has no spring so you insert the card and it's a pain to try to pull it back out since it fits tight. The case is very plain and to be honest, looks and feels like cheap plastic. When you open it up, things get better. The keyboard is large and comfortable. It doesn't light up, which I miss. The track pad is very responsive. I appreciate the actual left/right click buttons on the pad. I usually use a mouse, but I found I didn't have to with this computer. Setting up was easy with the assistant, but the computer wouldn't let me load some of my programs. I finally figured out it was because this computer has Windows 10S on it which is different than regular Windows 10. A friend helped me get it switched over to 10 and I was able to load my programs instead of it telling me which ones it would allow me to use. I wasted a lot of time on this so not a fan of 10S. The machine seems to have very good battery life. I charged it to 100% and didn't use it for days. It was still at 100% when I turned it on. In the 2 hours plus it took me to set up the computer, my email, browser, transfer files and add programs, the battery was down to 60% and that was on highest performance. It also doesn't get very hot at all making it perfect to use at the airport, on the bus or anywhere where you might be forced to have it on your lap. What disappointed me most about this computer was the screen. Even after adjusting the brightness numerous times and playing with the angle of the screen, I still found it hard on the eyes. Viewing websites was the worse. Text is hard to read and colors just don't look good. If you don't spend loads of time surfing the net, you might be okay, but if you do, stay away.
Reviewer: Renee
Overall: 1
4/14/2020 5:00:00 PM

Extremely disappointed

To whom it may concern: I understand that shipments are taking longer than normal...so I did not have an issue when this laptop took a week longer to reach the store for my granddaughter to pick up. I ordered it on 3/31/2030 and it was supposed to be available the next day for pickup on 4/1/2020. Instead of that happening, I was informed on 4/6/2020 that the next expected pickup date would be after 6pm on 4/8/2020. I was disappointed when she finally picked it up only to realize that she would not be able to charge the laptop as part of charger was missing...the part that connects directly to the laptop. Again, I reasoned that with everything having to move so fast, human error is to be expected. But the last straw was when I reached out to the store and there was no one that could assist me with replacing the rest of the charger. Consequently, I had to reach out to another company to find the correct charger for this laptop. Granted, I know that these are abnormal times and that one can expect things to be out of the ordinary, but I feel like I was told, in essence...sorry, I can?t help you. While I know that I could have just returned the device for another one, she needs the laptop right now for school and I didn?t know how long it would take to get another one. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a charger. So please note that this is one disappointment customer...service after the sale is very important to me. Hopefully, the device will be worth the effort.
Reviewer: Alicia
Overall: 1
5/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Don't use Walmart.com

I am BEYOND DISAPPOINTED!!!! First of all, my delivery was delayed by a few days but I understood, due to the virus. But when I picked it up from Walmart, it took FOREVER for them to bring out the product (only 1 person working that dept). Then, I get home hook it up and after not being able to connect to the internet, and waiting overnight, I call the Geek squad for them to diagnose. I had to use my old computer to get the link. After over an hour, they determined that my "NEW" computer had a faulty device wifi card which leads to believe I was sold a REFURB. I had to schlep the computer all the way back. Here's the kicker. They refunded my money back, but I had to buy another computer...OUT OF STOCK at the store. I had to purchase a lesser value computer since I work from home and I now have to wait for the funds reversal. As a former Walmart employee, I'm VERY disappointed in this whole process. Don't use Walmart.com EVER!!! Go somewhere else and purchase in person. I got a higher quality computer on sale, and had to buy a lesser quality one for the same amount of money because the store didn't have anymore. Oh yeah...by the way, if you try to call to get resolution NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE!!! Not at customer service at the store, not electronics...NO ONE!!