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KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly

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KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly





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Product Description

Add a dash of imagination, a splash of excitement and a ton of fun to mealtime with the new and innovative KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly. This trendy kitchen island delights little chefs with its unique features, which include an interactive 360-degree design, beautiful wood aesthetics and a little nook to feed pets! Kids can wash up veggies in the sink and then chop them on the multi-surface granite style and wood countertop. The exciting lights and sounds on the stovetop and microwave with turntable offer a thrilling play experience. Little chefs can present their culinary creations to guests on the wooden dining countertop with bench. With EZ Kraft Assembly, spend less time assembling and enjoy more time playing! Age: 3 years old and up. Dimensions: 43 in. L x 24.5 in. W x 31.7 in.H
360-degree design allows for fully encompassing interactive play access-Light and sound features on microwave with action turntable-Refrigerator includes icemaker with sound and pretend ice cubes

Product Details

SKU 721196425 Brand Chef's Cook N Create
Model Number 53420 UPC 706943534205
Color Gray Pre Order False

Customer Reviews

DFW Twin Mama

7/21/2018 5:00:00 PM

Almost nicer than our real kitchen

This kitchen is impressive. As a person who is very into home decor, the first thing I noticed was that this kitchen is so tastefully appointed. The fact that my kids have a play kitchen made to look like butcher block and carrara marble is pretty amazing because it matches our own house so well. It's always nice to have a toy that isn't primary colors that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. As far as assembly, this kitchen comes with instructions via the app BILT, but we did it the old school way using the paper instructions that come in the box. The instructions were clear and it came together well, although it's not that easy. You can imagine that with all of the features in this kitchen, there are quite a few steps. Still, it didn't take my husband that long to put it together, and he did it with twin two-year olds trying to "help." He did run into a situation where he needed a small, 3" screwdriver for one of the assembly steps because a regular screwdriver was too long to fit the space allotted. Once the kitchen was put together, the our kids (both 2.5 years old) were instantly drawn to it. They love playing with the ice maker (it comes with 3 plastic cubes) and the microwave, which blew my mind when it lit up and started rotating, complete with the hum of a real microwave, when they pushed the button. The burners turn on with sound effects, like a gas stove turning on and boiling water. They like pretending to wash their hands. It even has dog bowls! One cute benefit I didn't foresee was that they really like sitting in the stool on the side, which is actually a decent place to serve them a snack. You could actually serve a kid meals there instead of having a kids-sized dining table. Overall, our kids love it (and I love the look of it), and I'm hoping they use it for years to come. Only time will tell if it can hold up to the abuse of two rambunctious toddlers.


7/21/2018 5:00:00 PM

Modern Day Kitchen to Match My Mom's

This kitchen is great for the child that loves dramatic play. Finished out with faux granite and a butcher block, the kitchen looks a lot like the kitchen we actually have at home. The appliances make real chimes and sound effects. The water dispenser even "makes" ice. A nice bonus is the stool that accompanies the kitchen and the ability to use as a table for 2. Lots of memories will be made with this kitchen set. Total time to install was 2 hours, but my husband built it alongside our 4 year old boy who wanted to help. With 45 steps, he estimated that it would have taken 1.5 hours by himself.


7/20/2018 5:00:00 PM

Kids (and parents) LOVE it!

We just received this, and so far we are very impressed. The kitchen was packaged well, and the materials seem to be high quality with lots of detail. The countertop looks and even feels like real granite and wood! You can tell it was well engineered because it didn't take my husband long to assemble it following the instructions provided. We have a 5 and 2 1/2 year old boy and girl who both have said they love it! The features they like the most are the ice dispenser on the refrigerator (that dispenses ice like a real ice maker) and the microwave that has a realistic spinning plate. Overall, great product!

Betty Crocker

9/10/2018 5:00:00 PM

Cute alternative for a small apartment.

We live in a small apartment with limited wall space, so this kitchen is perfect! My kids love playing with it, and I love how it blends in with my own decor.

Mama Mac

8/2/2018 5:00:00 PM

Such a fun product for kids!

My son and daughter have loved playing with this kitchen. The noises make them feel like they are truly cooking just like mom and Dad.


7/25/2018 5:00:00 PM

Overall a good product

PROS: 1. well made product 2. Aesthetically pleasing 3. Parts were nicely labeled, to include screws, etc. 4. The painted screws were a nice touch 5. The "9" and "6" had lines under them 6. Overall a high quality item CONS: 1. Unboxing the item: Styrofoam exploded into a million pieces and took 20 minutes to vacuum up the pieces and take down the shipping box and Styrofoam. We found Styrofoam in other rooms of the house- it was everywhere. A suggestion is to just ship the actual box or use thicker and higher quality Styrofoam. 2. Should not be Alan wrench screws, should all be Phillips head. The Alan screws take forever. If you have Alan wrench bolts, you should include an Alan wrench attachment for a drill. Luckily we had one. 3. The door closer doesn't work on the fridge 4. Should include a cup that fits the ice dispenser. Our cups won't fit inside. Maybe also come with a few plates, food, utensils, etc. 5. Stickers should be easy to peel. We shouldn't have to get the goo gone out to remove them 6. Main complaint is the packaging and the assembly line...the "some parts pre assembled" and "quick assembly time" is misleading. It took well over an hour to put this together.