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Lenovo Smart Tab M8 8" Tablet with Google Assistant, 32GB Storage, 2GB Memory, 2GHz Quad-Core Processor, Android 9 Pie, HD Display

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Product Description

The portability of a great entertainment tablet and the convenience of a smart home hub come together in the Lenovo Smart Tab M8. On its own, the sleek 8” Smart Tab M8 boasts a premium design, fast connectivity, and multimedia enhancements like Dolby Atmos®. Connect it to the Smart Charging Station dock and open a world of possibilities with the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode.
Lenovo Smart Tab M8 with Google Assistant Standout design, a premium metal casing, and narrow bezels (it boasts an 83 screen-to-body ratio) gives the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 with the Google Assistant an understated elegance. You’ll be using it every day, so we took pains to make it look good. Curled up on the couch to watch videos Video chatting with friends on your porch Everything will look and sound great thanks to the Lenovo Smart Tab M8’s enhanced HD IPS display with TDDI technology and dual Dolby Atmos®-tuned speakers. Attach your Lenovo Smart Tab M8 to its Smart Charging Station to fully unleash its capabilities. Just say the word and Google Assistant will put you in control. Your Smart Tab M8 will hear you clearly from across the room. The Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is engineered to be shared among the whole family. Multiple user accounts and a special kid’s mode with parental controls and a usage dashboard puts you in charge of what your kids see. Its TÜV-certified display also cuts eyestrain by reducing harmful blue light. Nothing spoils a great video or an immersive game like sluggish performance and sketchy connectivity. That’s why we powered the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 with a quad-core processor for fast performance and up to 5GHz Wi-Fi for reliable streaming. Enjoy your tech, don’t worry about it. Want to dim the lights in your smart home, adjust the temperature, see who's at the door, or shuffle your favorite playlists Just ask Google.

Product Details

SKU 540689246 Brand Lenovo
Model Number ZA5C0045US UPC 194552172831
Color Gray Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


11/16/2020 4:00:00 PM

Magnificent Purchase!!

OMG I should have purchased Two of these babies️️️!! Color, sound, and speed are top notch for the price!! This is my first Lenovo purchase and I am NOT Disappointed!! Today I will check out the camera features by doing a live video!! This Tablet also connected pretty easily to my blue tooth mini keyboard( a HUGE a plus! It all ready comes pre-loaded with duo( to make video calls) and the App Store had plenty more to choose from! This tablet also connects FLAWLESSLY to my flawed internet( yet another win). THANKS LENOVO... Ps.. it also stays cool even with extended use!!!


8/27/2020 5:00:00 PM


It's perfect for my needs. I don't have a TV, so watching movies, and playing my games on it, is perfect. Awesome sound and videos! I can run it from my phone's mobile hotspot, and I'm getting a sim card for it and adding it to my phone service, so I don't have to run out all of the mobile hotspot. I'll then also be able to use it for calls. It's perfect! The battery doesn't drain to quickly, either.


12/4/2020 4:00:00 PM

Must Buy

I read some reviews that gave this tablet a bad review so I was hesitant at first. I've had it almost a month now and use it everyday almost all day and I love it. The sound is so much better than you would think. I actually have to turn it down. I have a 55 inch 4k tv 10 feet away from me that is never on. Before I got this gal the sound was tuned up to 45 on the tv and I still had trouble hearing it. This little one, so much power! The picture is also very sharp. I watch a lot of football, movies, live tv it's all on point. Now, I will say there are a few times that it does freeze or lag but only for a split second then picks back up. Not on live, just on Netflix, Hulu things like that. I also have a fire 10 this is is hands down the winner. This one came with a charging stand that is at least a 75 dollar value for free. Adults and children will love this. Keep in mind I do not play video games so the latter of that category may disagree with me. But, for what I use it for, well worth this price. I've also done video calling for work when I'm in my car attached to my car wifi and this gal kicks butt.


3/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Pure Awesomeness!

Absolutely amazing quality and durability. it is a very good tablet for the money and I would recommend it to anybody looking to buy a tablet. I wasn't looking for a bigger screened tablet and this is perfect coming in at 8 in and has dual sound speakers and charges fast and comes with a smart docking station. you can't beat that for the money

Banjo Batman

8/24/2021 5:00:00 PM

Nice Work Tablet

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this primarily to get my work email, chat, and phone off of my PC and onto a tablet. My company uses Google and RingCentral, and both of those play pretty nicely with this tablet. It's running Android 10, so it should be usable for quite a while before it goes too out of date to run that kind of stuff. The UI is very close to stock android, which I like. Also, the base is very convenient. It's roughly the same size as a google home hub. The screen is bright. The touchscreen is responsive. For all intents and purposes, it's exactly what I wanted. If I had anything negative to say about it, it's that I turned on the gesture control - which is how stock android works, and it can be a little difficult to touch the bottom of the screen - which you need to do. It would have also been nice to include some kind of physical camera cover, but I actually have stick on ones that do the job just fine.


11/24/2020 4:00:00 PM

Great product, great price, highly recommend!!

I purchased two of these for my two younger sons for Christmas they have not opened them yet but I got it for about 40% off the normal price it was on sale and I am happy and I know they will be happy on Christmas Day..


11/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

Simple, yet jam packed.

I love this thing! And the dock station is so convenient and awesome. My first tablet and I am in love.


11/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

Best Buy so far

I absolutely love this tablet it's super fast and the battery is very decent, its worth every penny.


12/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Review from a digital artist

I am a digital artist! This tablet is great for simpler digital art projects. With the price, it is excellent for someone learning new skills. I lucked out getting this tablet on sale. I needed a bigger screen to draw on because I was working entirely on my iPhone. I'm very happy with my purchase! This tablet is essentially a really big Android phone. It's got great speed, picture quality, and tons of abilities at your disposal that you can have from any android. You'd have to connect it to a cell company for texting, but it's not always necessary with all the other applications available for communication with others. The only downside is you are limited to the Google Play store. As an artist, I want programs like Procreate or Adobe Illustrator, which aren't in the store. That's not a fault or the tablet itself, just a limitation. The Play store has some pretty pitiful selections of art applications! With a simple stylus, it glides beautifully across the programs from the play store. Some of the options I've found are good applications. The touch screen on the tablet has great calibration to my pen and it makes drawing very easy and enjoyable. The tablet itself adapts to the larger screen with the android apps very well. The battery life is excellent and has been on for days! I've had no problems with it.


11/17/2020 4:00:00 PM

inadequate description of products misleading

the model offered by walmart is tb8505FS. it only operates on Wi-Fi. there is no SIM card slot. that model is 8505FX.

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