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MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth

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MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with Premium Stand-up Paddle Board Accessories&Non-Slip Deck Backpack Leash Pump for Adult & Youth

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Product Description

Why you choose MaxKare?  MaxKare paddle board has been focusing on providing safe, healthy and entertaining water sports experiences for our customers. We offer not only high-quality Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards that are portable and practical, but also premium customer support team. MaxKare paddle board aims to share the joy of surfing and being with the sea to all of you, through advanced technologies and well-designed equipment and boards The Feature of the MaxKare SUP Inflatable Paddle Board  2+1 Fin Setup--The inflatable paddle board is equipped with three bottom fins that can flexibly operate the inflatable paddle board steering and provide excellent surfing control, allowing you to experience the pleasure of gliding freely in the sea like fish. In addition. The single large fin and the small fins on the left and right can easily separate the water flow, providing extra balance Large Plug-in Fins---The paddle board with plug- in detachable fin, which is safe and convenient, stable and speed, can ensure the stability of the sliding paddle board Repair Kit-- Each paddle board comes with a portable repair kit Manual Air Pump-- Each paddle board is equipped with a portable manual air pump, which can inflate to 15 PSI MaxKare stand up paddle board is great for all skill levels with a dimension of 120”(L)*30”(W)*6”(T). Lightweight,compact and durable design of our stand up paddle board inflatable makes it a perfect choice for travel and hiking. The Paddle board with Stainless steel D-ring, which can be loaded with personal belongings, not easy to slip off Pneumatic valve--- It is more convenient to inflate and deflate Package Content: 1 x Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards 1 x Backpack 1 x Aluminum Paddle 1 x Triple Action Pump 1 x Fin 1 x Leash 1 x Repair Kit 1 x User Manual Easy & Quick to Set Up (within 10 minutes)
【Portable Paddle Board】①The stand up inflatable paddle board with portable paddle board storage bag.so After deflation,the paddle board can be rolled into a compact package of 34.6*14.6*9.8 Inches,which is convenient for storage.All accessories can easily fit into the large-capacity backpack,and the paddle board's backpack even has room for more equipment. ②The paddle board with handle, which is convenient to move the paddle board.【Safety Inflatable Paddle Board】①The Paddle Board with elastic safety foot rope,connect the paddle board safety ring on one side and the ankle on the other side ② The inflatable paddle board with Stainless steel D-ring,which can be loaded with personal belongings,not easy to slip off ③The paddle board with large EVA Non-slip Desk with a patterned design that increases both friction and comfort during use, anti-slip to make sure the safety when you use.【Paddle Board with Complete Accessories】The paddle board set contains a series of high-quality sup accessories,which provides a perfect experience for surfers when surfing by inflatable paddle board.Accessories include:three-section aluminum alloy adjustable length paddle board,safety foot rope,single-tube pump,detachable tail fin,maintenance kit and backpack.【Durable Paddle Board 】The excellent PVC sewing material protects the inflatable paddle board from being scratched by branches or other hard stuffs. and the paddle board with ultra-thin PVC material outsourcing solidify the entire hull and make the overall structure of the paddle board stronger and more stable.【Stable Paddle Board 】①At the bottom of this paddle board is the main fin( Insert large fin) and 2 thruster fins to make sure the stable ② The large-size inflatable paddle board is 120in* 30in* 6in. The paddle board composed of military grade PVC material, and the stand up paddle board is strong,which weights 17 LBS and can bear weight up to 330 LBS.Therefore, the inflatable paddle board is easy to maintain stable and safe navigation.(Note:Please inflate the paddle board to pressures of 12-15 PSI).

Product Details

SKU 747148936 Brand MaxKare
Model Number SUP-WH100GS UPC 661706199513
Color Green Size One Size

Customer Reviews

Kadi M Sickel

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Awesome Paddleboard

As a surprise for hubby's birthday I got us each paddleboards. We usually rent them every year throughout the summer and had been talking of getting our own for some time. This is the one I got him. It has a streamlined classic look, which is more his style.It's 10'6feet long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. It's made of a military grade PVC material and has a weight capacity of 320 pounds. They even put a layer of non-slip soft top on the board. No slipping or sliding around. It's lightweight and the bigger fin is removable to make steering easier newbies. It has a bag that can be carried or worn like a backpack. It does have the hand pump, but after using them once, I bought an automatic electric paddleboard pump. Hand pumping isn't my thing, but a good backup.Comes with...1 x Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board1 x Adjustable Aluminum Paddle1 x Travel Backpack1 x Safety Leash1 x Hand Pump1 x Repair KitHe really likes his new paddleboard and was sort of surprised that I got them sooner than we were planning on. It will get tons of use on the beaches and lakes near us.


3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great for water fun!

I dont live anywhere that's to close to a beach or ocean but we have lots and lots of lakes! My family loves doing water activities and paddle boarding is such a fun acticity. I like that yhis board is inflatable and can be used as a stand up paddle board. The deck is non slip to give you good traction. It has a weight limit of 320 lbs.The paddle board measures 10 feet long x 6 inches thick and 3p inches wide at it's widest point. It weighs around 22lbs. It is made out of a thick and durable PVC and doesnt take long at all to inflate with the included pump. It comes with quite a few accessories too besides the actual paddleboard:*extendable paddle*ankle leash*high pressure pump* three fins(The large fin is detachable)*1 carrying backpack*instructionsIt doesnt have d rings so a kayak seat cant be attached for kayaking. When looking for activities to do on the water we found this stand up paddleboard and it really is a good option. Happy to have something that takes up less space then a non air paddleboard. Hoping to make lots of fun memories with our kiddos.


3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great on lakes

Bought one for my daughter and one for myself for Christmas. We are avid kayakers, backpackers etc. we like that we can keep these in the truck and pull them out, inflate them and use them anytime. It takes us about 7-8 minutes to unpack and inflate them. She was standing by the first day, this old mom is still working on that. They come with everything you need except the bikini and towel! Work great on inland lakes, and very good on Lake Michigan.

Where's my zen

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great Seller and Product!

Great seller and product! I was a little nervous ordering this product online, but very satisfied with my purchase. The order arrived before the expected delivery date on two different days. Each box was double boxed and well organized. Once we received the order, we hit the water. Inflating the paddleboard was straightforward and took about 10min or less. I am a smaller person, so at about 5PSI, it was harder to pump, but it just took more time. My husband had no problem inflating the board to the requested 10PSI. One paddleboard had a small leak around the valve. I reached out to the seller and received an immediate response. They sent me a youtube video with instructions on using the repair kit tool to tighten the valve, which solved the problem. If this happens to you, I recommend inflating the paddleboard a little bit and then tightening the valve and continuing to inflate. The paddleboard is a beautiful blue, the black padding on the board is soft, and the backpack is a great size. After deflating and folding the board up, it takes a few tries but fits nicely back in the backpack bag. It was a little tight fitting the paddle in, but it fits. Overall the customer service from the seller and even FB-Sport was prompt and friendly, and I am delighted with the product.


3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great board at an affordable price

I made the switch from a fiberglass board to this inflatable paddle board and I’m SO glad I did. It’s so much easier to manage on my own. I bought an electric pump, but using the hand pump isn’t bad either. With the hand pump I got it inflated in about 10-15 minutes. Breaking it down after use is even quicker, less than 5 minutes to deflate, fold up, and throw into my car to rinse at home. It fits in the carry bag easily as well. I’ve used it 3 times so far and have had no issues, it holds air and is sturdy, even at longer distances and with a breeze. I would definitely recommend this board!

Brian Sartin

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

High quality

I've gotten a couple paddle boards and this one is superior. It comes with everything you need; board, paddle, pump, backpack, ankle strap, and repair kit.The grip on the top of the board is really good. It is easy to inflate with the two way pump. Nice quality materials and constructed well. The backpack is the best with thick padded straps and the zipper that opens up the entire bag so you can just lay it down instead of having to shimmy it in from the top.

Sheila King

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great Product - I recommend!

I live on the beach. I gave away my last paddleboard because it was heavy and bulky and I couldn’t easily get it from my place 100 yds to the water. I was skeptical about purchasing an inflatable but I’m glad I did. This comes with everything you’ll need and the backpack makes it so easy to transport. Once inflated, you can’t tell it’s an inflatable, except for the light weighted ness of it. I’ve used it in both the ocean and on a lake. I’ve also taken my 60 lb dog on it with no issues with her nails or punctures. My neighbor purchased this on my recommendation as well and is happy with it.

tim shoemaker

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great Product

My husband bought me this for my birthday and IT’S AMAZING!! We’re both new to iSUP but not to SUP and I was a little nervous about this because of the set up as far as the manual pump it comes and actually doing it but it’s really not bad at all. Only those last few psi it gets a little tough but really no big deal. (You can also get an electronic pump for convenience.) We plan on hiking with ours so I have to get used to doing it manually. And LADIES I’m just average, I don’t work out all of the time, this is my workout but y’all can do this. Super easy set up and deflation, even if your by yourself. And if anyone has carried a child (or two) through a theme park, you can carry this. ;) The sturdiness is great and so is the length and width. It’s also pretty thick material and seems very durable. As soon as I unpackaged it it exceeded my expectations for the price. Everything it came with is very nice and the company was super communicative as far as shipping and question and answers. And it easily fits in the bag with everything included plus there’s additional room for some extra things. I give it 5 stars all the way!

Mark N.

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

It's awesome!

I've used it once and love it! I was nervous to take a chance on it, because it had no reviews and was so much less expensive than the other options. But I also just couldn't believe how expensive all the other paddleboard options were! So I took a chance on this one and I'm so glad I did. It works great! And it's surprisingly easy to inflate and deflate. I'm 6'1" and 135 pounds -- maybe its 4" (as opposed to 6") thickness would be a problem for someone substantially heavier than I, but for me, it works great!! Highly recommend!

Happy Reader

3/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Super SUP Paddle Board

This inflatable stand up paddle is super easy to setup, in less than 10 min you can assemble and inflateThe features are surprising for the priceAlso the padding is extra soft and comfortable which make it easy to board without worrying about traction.Lightweight and easy to carry with the backpack provided. The pump is big and powerful.In overall the paddle board is sturdy, durable and worth the money