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Miraculous Ladybug Doll

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Product Description

Now you can recreate your favorite Miraculous moments with Miraculous Heroez super articulated action dolls! Ladybug’s sense of responsibility keeps her focused on her missions until they are accomplished! She is brave, quick thinking, lucky and magical! Ladybug doll comes with all accessories necessary to defeat any new villain that dares to come to Paris! Time to de-evilize!!!
Miraculous Heroez Ladybug Fashion Doll with Tikki Kwami and accessories 10.5” super articulated Miraculous Ladybug action fashion doll Comes with Tikki kwami, removable Miraculous earrings, Ladybug Yoyo, fashion and shoes Designed for kids 4+ who wish to be brave, be strong and be miraculous! Miraculous Ladybug toys inspire all kids to find their inner superhero!

Product Details

SKU 497931310 Brand Miraculous
Model Number 50001 UPC 043377500018
Color Black Size Standard
Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


3/3/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great doll, well made

I got the miraculous lady bug doll, my girls have watched the show many times and recognized it from there. The doll is a standard size doll, and comes with her outfit on, as well as a couple accessories. (Comes with her lady bug weapons and a mini character). The doll is very nicely made. The clothes are sewn nicely, I can tell it's if good quality as there are no seams stretching or skipped stitches. The joints on the doll are like double jointed, so they can bend in more realistic positions. The face is also painted with great detail, her mask and eyes and lips are painted on perfectly. My girls have fun with this doll, pretending she is the real character in the cartoon. Would have been even better if there would have been one more outfit to change back into her normal clothes, but this is alright. Great to see some characters from this show made into dolls to play with, very happy. Would recommend especially to others who are familiar with the show.


3/7/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great for age 5+

My daughter has loved this miraculous heroez ladybug fashion doll with tiki kwami and accessories. She likes to play with it everyday. The accessories have gotten lost a handful of times already but that's to be expected. Her clothing comes off but we try to keep them on. The one accessory goes in her hand and the other does not. Her mask and earrings do not come off which is nice because they can't get lost then! Oop actually the earrings do come out so that sucks but they stick in well. Her shoes come off. Not recommended for a child who will eat small pieces but a child who is responsible enough not to eat the accessories would be perfect. My daughter loves it. I recommend.


3/7/2021 4:00:00 PM

Very detailed

Received the Miraculous Heroez Ladybug fashion doll with Tikki Kwami and have to say that this doll is spot on. Everything is exactly as she is on TV . Her arms and legs are bendable and she is the average length of most dolls. Her side kick Tikki Kwami is so tiny and cute and there is also her yoyo which works too. From the mask on her face to the ladybug earrings and blue hair she is truly a Miraculous doll which any child would love to play with.


3/17/2021 5:00:00 PM

Well put together toy with nice accessories

Ladybug stuff is hard to find so my kids where excited to get this action figure. Well articulated and nice accessories that make play more fun. I like she has shoes rather than boots making it far easier to move. Kids have had fun with her, so I recommend it.


3/19/2021 5:00:00 PM

Ladybug is a great playline action doll

I've been waiting for these to show up stateside!! Great articulation for the price! Quality feeling bodysuit and the yo-yo can wrap around her waist like in the show!


4/22/2021 5:00:00 PM

I really liked this doll it has a lot of details I'm gonna have so much fun playing with this miraculous doll ! - Mia (and tiki is so cute hehe) I got cat noir too


3/3/2021 4:00:00 PM

Easily became my daughter favorite fashion doll!

The joy on my daughters face when she saw this fashion doll. She absolutely loves her, hasn't put it down since she got it. After watching the TV show for months she was excited to finally have her in person. The doll is well made, the body is very flexible. She is truly a beautiful fashion doll. I highly recommend!


3/6/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great doll for miraculous fans!

This doll is really cute and looks just like the character from the show. As seen in the picture, she does come with her kwami Tiki and her "lucky charm" compact/yoyo. The doll has brushable hair and the clothes are removable as well. She is similar in size to Barbie dolls, maybe a tad shorter. My daughter loves it and has been playing with it everyday so far. Very happy with this product!


7/19/2021 5:00:00 PM


I bought 3 for my nieces who love the show. Great dolls and good quality, they loved them!


3/2/2021 4:00:00 PM

This Ladybug doll is soo realistic!!!

My daughter loves Marinette (a.k.a. Ladybug ). She loves watching Miraculous on Netflix, so she had to have this doll. Pros: This doll is so realistic when compared to the series character. The outfit is not painted on, and the facial resemblance is identical. Her joints allow her to move acrobatically, just like on TV. She is wearing the ladybug earrings, red (removable) boots and has the yo-yo. Cons: Sadly, Tikki Kwami was not included (in our set) as advertised. :( The was likely a packaging error. But the doll and other accessories did not disappoint and makes of hours of fun, imaginative play and episode reenactments. LOL


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