MOTILE 14" Performance Laptop, FHD, AMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, THX Spatial Audio, Tuned by THX display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, HDMI, Front 720p HD IR Camera- Rose Gold

MOTILE 14" Performance Laptop, FHD, AMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, THX Spatial Audio, Tuned by THX display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, HDMI, Front 720p HD IR Camera- Rose Gold
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The 14-inch MOTILE performance laptop features a 1080p screen that is Tuned by THX to bring a crystal clear picture for any and all of your tasks. With a high-powered 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile Processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics you can tackle all of your daily tasks and projects with ease and haste-and with a slim and lightweight frame you can take it everywhere you go. Also featuring THX Spatial Audio technology for headphones, this laptop brings your entertainment to life.
MOTILE Performance Laptop14'' FHDAMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics8GB Memory256GB StorageHDMIFront IR CameraRose GoldTHX® Spatial Audio Tuned by THXTM display720p IR Webcam1 x USB-C2 x USB 3.01 x USB 2.01 x HDMI Port1 x Ethernet Port3.5mm Headphone jackWeight: 2.55 lbsCustomer service contact details:Support number - 1-877-435-7955 Support email: support@MEwarrantyservices.comSoftware and Driver Update:

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Brand Motile Model Number M142-RG
UPC 812550031935 Color Pink
Parent Item Id 909076408

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Average Customer Rating: 3.7       Customer Review Count: 167      
Reviewer: Dominic
Overall: 5
4/25/2020 5:00:00 PM

great laptop for the price.

this laptop is a beast for the price. I got it for $399 and I ended up buyiing a 16gb ram stick(sodimm), and 2 1tb SSD m.2's(one is nvme pcie that went into the empty slot and the other replaced the included 256gb ssd m.2). Well worth the investment as I have 2tb of really fast storage and 16gb of ram. The issue is that ryzen processors work best with dual sodimm slots, but this laptop sadly only has one. I AM however able to play Video games on mid to low setting for the high end games with atleast 35fps-55fps depending on how low I put the settings. This laptop isnt meant for gaming really besides when on the road or not infront of my main desktop. I can however say that the low end version of this which can sometimes be solf for $250 from walmart that has the ryzen 3 processor is also a great purchase if this is out of your price range. I did purchase that one first and I did test it with some high end games. It comes with 4gb of ram which isnt enough imo to game and you tend to run out of ram but you can upgrade the ram and also ADD another m.2 pcie ssd. Which adding a 1tb will give you tons of storage and eventually upgrading the ram to a 16gb will give the laptop a TON of space to work. It will work great for doing homework, streaming and playing low end games(INDIE GAMES). So if your looking for something in a good budget range then this one or the lower end one will be a great investment for yourself or your children. Considering how we are all stuck at home with our children, this laptop and the lower end version of it will both give you AND/OR your child(ren) a device to do assignments and research on a budget with the oportunity to upgrade for about $200(talking about ram and another Hard drive to extend the lifespan of your laptop if you so choose to purchase this or the other). If you want to save on a laptop that will work well and gives you the opportunity to extend the use of itself, this is a good choice. I would suggest getting the protection plan no matter what electronic you purchase as walmart offers a good protection plan. There are slight flaws that I will point out: 1- the backlight on the keyboard isn't the best, but for the price be glad its there. The glare from the screen sometimes in a mid lighted room will not allow you to see soem of the keys above the letters, but if you've typed enough you can get used to that feature. I tend to turn off the backlight to save battery life personally. the CPU has a single fan cooler, which works well under normal load which is homework and streaming. Gaming I would suggest getting a cooling pad. If the screen is too small, you can always hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse anad plug in an HDMI cord from your tv to your laptop which works extremely well for streaming and gaming(for gaming so long as you have a cooling pad to leave your laptop on. An Android box will be a lot cheaper, but it lacks many other features windows can offer. (I wrapped mine)
Reviewer: Joseph
Overall: 5
4/30/2020 5:00:00 PM

Fantastic Value

This is the best "cheap" laptop I've ever seen - the metal construction, slim bezels, and inclusion of a Windows Hello camera make it feel premium. The internals make it feel zippy and it runs simple games like Minecraft like a breeze. Haven't even noticed the battery. It's very lightweight and "small" in all the great ways. Has all the ports you'd really need.
Reviewer: NickZ
Overall: 5
12/12/2019 4:00:00 PM

Its metal! Not plastic!!!

This laptop is amazong for the price great size and weight, great built quality, and easily upgradable storage and ram. For the sale price this thing cant be beat! Dont listen to the haters who review walmart products and bash them because their products cant compete! Im happy with my motile laptop and my overpowered dtw2 gaming pc from walmart!
Reviewer: Jim
Overall: 5
11/10/2019 4:00:00 PM

Great notebook with NVMe expansion slot

Got my Motile R5-3500U notebook last week and I love it! Super light with great battery life. Keyboard is backlit. Even though memory is single channel, I haven't noticed an issue in performance during regular use. This notebook comes with an M.2 256GB SSD, but it also has an NVMe slot! Do yourself a favor and get a Samsung 970 Evo or Pro NVMe drive and boost read/write performance by 2.8x Mb/s (tested with Crystal DiskMark v6.0.2). I moved the OS to my 512Gb NVMe and I use the 256 SSD for extra storage. Plus I got the combo deal of Motile backpack, 10,000 mAh Qi portable charging system, and wireless Bluetooth mouse for the $399 rollback price ($423 total with tax). What an awesome deal! Thanks Walmart!
Reviewer: Greg
Overall: 5
4/19/2020 5:00:00 PM

Unbeatable value at sale price

Solid laptop. Minimalist Case design is aesthetically up there with Apple. Lighter than a MacBook Air at 2.5 lbs. Extremely upgradable - one empty NVME slot, and upgradable wireless card and RAM. Memory is single channel but will recognize up to 32 GB. Regarding the two NVME slots - the first one (filled) accepts either SATA or NVME m.2 drives, and the second (empty) NVME only. That said, the first slot has more ?lanes? and runs my Samsung 970 EVO at 3500 mb/sec read/write. The second slot runs it at about 1700 read/write. Gaming is possible at 720p for many titles. Don?t expect more than 30fps though at low settings, due to the single channel configuration.
Reviewer: Brigette
Overall: 4
4/27/2020 5:00:00 PM

Up down left right

Aside from not being packaged very well, this is a laptop made well. The motile 14 runs well. I read that some users are having issues with a flashing screen. Your computer screen may flash when you first begin using it , because the computer is upgrading the graphics card. This is probably why some users have complained that their replacement did the same thing. If you decide to purchase this laptop I would suggest I going to the AMD website and install the drivers from there manually. This will also install a tool that will help you manage your computer's processor and graphics card health.
Reviewer: Retiredprogrammer
Overall: 4
5/4/2020 5:00:00 PM

Excellent value and performance.

My M142 is a really nice laptop that does everything most users want reasonable well. The Ryzen chipset with a SSD is much faster than a rotating hard drive. The optical face reconization for security works as expected, and is a nice touch. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Now for the negatives.......lots of reviews say the screen isn't bright enough, but I find that it's just fine, but I haven't used it outdoors in bright sunlight yet. I doubt that any screen would be completely usable in that environment. There are really only 3 things that I would change. First, the 2 SSD interfaces only support SATA SSD in the primary slot and only NVMe in the secondary slot, and they should both support the same type SSD.......the primary channel is 4 lanes wide and the secondary is on ly 2 lanes wide. Second, there is only 1 memory slot, so the processor can't use dual channel memory access, which is a performance limit. Third, the battery should/could be a higher capacity. Doing 'normal' things, I get about 5 hours of battery life, because of the 41MAH capacity of the battery, which could be expanded to probably 65MAH for 7-8 hours of capacity. BTW, these values are with a second 512TB SSD in the second SSD slot, and the supplied 256TB SSD in the primary slot. I'd buy another if I needed a second computer.
Reviewer: Alisyed84
Overall: 1
1/23/2020 4:00:00 PM

Huge display issues

I really wanted to like this laptop. But it has its issues randomly the screen will go black. The picture I attached is what happens when the computer is in sleep mode and you tried to open the lid and use it. I will be returning this laptop for a refund.
Reviewer: J
Overall: 1
5/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

This 'Performance' laptop is falsely advertised. While the SSD and RAM are an absolute steal for the price of this device, the integrated processor and graphics are COMPLETELY BROKEN. Normally, a computer will slow down or freeze when overwhelmed. This laptop somehow fails to do that. It freezes with three Google Chrome tabs open. Black screen, reboot needed. This is straight out of the box. After a weekend of research, it seems driver support for builds such as this fall on the manufacturer to update, and no support is given. Older updates actually perform better, though thats not saying much as there is a complete shutdown after 20 minutes of being active anyway. I wouldn't even buy this to donate to underprivileged public schools.
Reviewer: TTran
Overall: 1
11/17/2019 4:00:00 PM

I think i got a lemon...

I bought thia for my son to do uis homework. Pros: Lightweight, bright screen. Cons: It worked the first day without problems. Afterwards, the screen would shut off after powering on, while the keyboard would stay backlit. I thought it was an anomoly. After exhausting all other keys, I held down the power button. The laptop would power back up, but the problem would show up intermittently. First, it was just a scrolling circle. Then, the screen wouldn’t come on at all. Then, “my PC ran into a problem.” I’m 11 days into this, and its getting progressively worse. Return. I'm rolling dice with another one cuz its the right size and weight for my kid.