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Guitar Effects, Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, All Instrument Amplifier Cabinets, All Instrument Preamplifiers and more. Peavey, Ampeg, Pedaltrain, MARKBASS, Gator, Hartke, Laney, Fender, Behringer, Electro-Harmonix are some best selling brands in this category.
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The Two Stroke Boost EQ is Orange’s take on the essential ‘clean boost’ pedal, but with even more versatility. Combining an active dual-parametric EQ and up to 12dB of output boost, the Two Stroke is the perfect tool for fine-tuning your sound or pushing your amp’s front end with unsurpassed control. Subtle Two Stroke tweaks can add an extra dimension to solos, whilst more aggressive use of the pedal’s EQ can sculpt entirely new sounds. Use the Two Stroke to add an extra channel to your amplifier or re-voice your guitar’s pickups completely. Crank the high mids to jump through the mix, cut the low end to remove the woolliness that normally occurs with traditional boost pedals, or leave the EQ flat to hear more of what you already like. However you set it, thanks to the pedal’s charge pump circuit (which doubles the internal voltage and massively increases the headroom), the Two Stroke works brilliantly placed before or after other pedals, or even in your effects loop. It’s also suitable for bass and acoustic guitars as a practical tool to remove unwanted ‘honk’ or feedback, making this pedal a valuable addition to any musician’s setup. Get your Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ Effect Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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VOX's proprietary modeling technology from the Valvetronix series, plus compact construction, battery-powered operation, and VOX's sophisticated sense of design have all been combined to make the MINI3 the definitive portable modeling amp - and now it's been dramatically powered-up! Befitting its position as the next-generation amp, it's called the MINI3 G2. It features VOX's original "Bassilator" circuit that delivers tone with powerfully solid lows and a bottom end that will hold up even at low volumes. The quality of the effects has also been greatly improved. With the incredibly portable MINI3 G2, you'll be ready; at home or outdoors. Extensive range of 11 realistic amp models The MINI3 G2 delivers 11 accurate and authentic amp models which allow you to play a broad range of styles and genres. Starting with the coveted British VOX tone, the MINI3 G2 also nails sounds from classic vintage, modern high-gain, and rare boutique amps. The acclaimedmodeling technology inherited from the Valvetronix series of amps allows the MINI3 G2 to reproduce the rich, warm sounds associated with tube amps. The Bassilator Circuit The newly designed VOX Bassilator circuit enables the amp to produce ultra-low frequencies, well past what the EQ is capable of. This is especially effective on high-gain models where it gives the amp a full, deep sound that’s great for heavier styles of music. In other words, you’ll get a big sound in a small package! Not just for electric guitar The “LINE” model gives you a pristine clean tone that’s ideal for use with an acoustic-electric guitar. The natural resonance of your acoustic instrument will shine through for those times when you need some extra sonic support. Additionally, the ability to use line connections from a keyboard or Mp3 player makes the MINI3 G2 a great portable PA system as well. Easy-to-use effects The MINI3 G2’s great sounding effects will help put the final touches on your tone. This second generation MINI3 features even better sounding effects than the first. The effects section offers a compressor, chorus, flanger, and tremolo. There is also a dedicated section for reverb and delay where you can add that extra touch to create your own signature sound. Even beginners will find editing effects easy – a turn of the knob lets you control which effect to use and how much of it you hear. The tap tempo button makes syncing the delay time to the tempo a breeze! Ultra-portable freedom and mobility As its name suggests, the MINI3 G2 is very compact and easy to take with you wherever you go. Use the included detachable strap to carry the amp by hand, or connect a guitar strap for over-the-shoulder convenience when your hands are full. The amp weighs a mere 6.61 pounds (3 kg), so you won’t get tired carrying it around town. You can even stop for a practice session or performance on the way! Six AA alkaline batteries provide up to 10 hours of on-the-go power, making it ideal for outdoor use and street performances. Also included is an AC adapter for connecting to a power outlet. Versatile connections for the singer/performer In addition to the main guitar input, the M

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Fever 40 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier with USB and SD Audio Interface with Remote Control GB40

drive to your own beat with the planet audio anarchy ac2600.2 2-channel class a/b full range amplifier. this powerful 2-ohm stable amplifier features 2600 watts max power with a mosfet power supply to get your audio system rocking. customize the sound with the variable low and high pass crossover and bass boost. keep the bass thumping with the remote subwoofer control. bridge channels for even more power and flexibility. the anarchy series of amplifiers are built to break the rules, allowing you to customize and control your sound so you can live like a mobile anarchist, clear and loud. get out of this world sound with the planet audio ac2600.2. for more product details, please scroll down. SKU:ADIB003GSLE3K

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The Marshall 1960 Speaker Cabinet puts out beautiful tone at any volume. The addition of an impedance (4 or 16 ohm) mono/stereo switching mechanism has transformed the "industry standard" 1960 into the ultimate speaker cab. These 300W Marshall cabs are loaded with Celestion G12T-75 speakers.Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

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Stagg Music 20 BA Guitar Amplifier, 20 W RMS

Stagg Music Bass Practice 60 BA USA Guitar Amplifier, 60 W RMS

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Introducing the Blurst, a radical modulating filter. It's an effect often used on synthesizers, but EHX designed the Blurst especially for guitar players and bassists who want to explore new sonic territory. EHX has grafted technology found in keyboard and modular synthesizers into a pedal designed for guitarists and bass players. The Blurst modulates an instrument's sound like an envelope filter, but instead of the filter's response being controlled by playing dynamics, it's controlled by an internal oscillator. The Blurst is a must have for the adventurous player who wants to explore new sonic territory! It features an analog, low pass filter with adjustable resonance, three modulation waveform shapes, tap tempo with tap divide and EXP control over Range, Rate or Filter. The Blurst is a must have for the experimental musician and works really well with an expression pedal, the EHX 8-Step Program, and other control voltage sources. Whether used alone or with other effects, the Blurst's hypnotic effects are spellbinding! An EHX 9.6DC/200 AC adapter is included. Features: Features an analog low pass filter with adjustable resonance Three modulation waveform shapes: triangle, rising saw-tooth and falling saw-tooth Modulation rate is set by either the rate knob or a combination of the tap footswitch and tap divide toggle switch offering quarter, dotted eighth and triplet rhythms Three EXP modes, range, rate and filter, can be controlled by an expression pedal or control voltage source like EHX's 8 Step Program Analog Expression/CV Sequencer Range knob sets the frequency range of the filter’s modulation, Blend control adjusts the dry/filtered signal mix Get your Electro-Harmonix Blurst Modulated Filter Guitar/Bass Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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Zoom MS60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal The Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal houses all of the big bass tone-processing power you could ask for in the size of a single stompbox-sized pedal. Choose from 58 modeled effects and amplifiers to create your ideal bass tone. A large LCD screen makes the MS-60B easy to use in any lighting condition. Right out of the box, this Zoom processor has 30 presets that are ready to deliver the low end on any stage and 50 user presets, so you can design and save your own sounds. From rock to funk to metal, the MS-60B is ready for any gig. Replace your entire pedalboard with the power of the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal. Product Highlights: Compact multi-effects bass processor 52 stompbox effects 6 high-quality guitar amp models Large LCD screen 30 preset patches and 50 used patches Stereo out Built-in chromatic tuner Warranty: 1 year Our 30-day money back guarantee MFR # MS60B

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Stagg Music Electric Practice 20 GA USA Guitar Amplifier, 20 W RMS

Stagg Music Acoustic Practice 20 AA R USA Guitar Amplifier, 20 W RMS