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Paper Clips, Thumb Tacks & Push Pins, Brads, Rubber Bands, Tag Fasteners, Rubber Band Kits, Binder Clips, Magnets, Bulldog Clips and more. Uxcell, Magideal, Unique Bargains, JAM Paper & Envelope, Universal, OfficeMate, ACCO, Continental Western Corporation, Business Source, Pen+Gear are some best selling brands in this category.
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JAM Paper & Envelope Fuchsia Pink Circular Paper Clips, are fun, stylish, and unique way to stay organized in your work space! These round paperclips are each made from a single spiraled piece of steel wire and feature a beautiful, bright and shining pink color! Use these in school for your class work, or home for your bills or at work for important files. These clips will keep documents, files, and papers secure. Color: Fuchsia Pink | Size: 1 in | Quantity: 50/Pack

4 reviews
JAM Paper and Envelope Navy Blur Round Pape Clips are such a fun way to keep all your documents, homework, mail and much more organized. Why use a boring old paper clip when you can use a spiral circular one! These are made from vinyl-coated wire metal, ensuring a secure hold. Make sure to grab these for your classroom work, the bills at home or for the files in your office. The best part is the navy color, very sleek and modern. Color: Navy Blue | Size: 1 in | Quantity: 50/Pack

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Add prestige to your documents with gold tone paper clips. Fasten your documents with one of these clips and make a great first impression that will grab the reader's attention. Each paper clip has a smooth, gold finish to deliver long-lasting shine and can hold up to 20 sheets of paper. The clips feature the traditional trombone shape. A box contains 50 paper clips.

$24.44 $50.29
8 reviews
High-quality fasteners bind correspondence, orders and all other classes of papers. Complete fasteners with base and prongs fit in standard two-hole punching. Coining operation assures smooth, safe edges. Acco Premium Prong Fasteners Specialty Set, Silver, 50 / Box (Quantity)

10 reviews
Handles can be folded up for handling or removed for binding. Packed in a reusable storage tub. 30 binder clips in assorted sizes: 12 mini (9/16â wide), 12 small (¾â wide), and 6 medium (1¼â wide) binder clips. 5 assorted colors: Red, white, blue, green, and yellow.

$4.93 $5.18
5 reviews
Small binder clips deliver a powerful grip to hold large stacks of papers in place. Steel clips feature zinc wire arms that fold flat in front and back positions. Use for separating projects or organizing stacks of documents on your desk. The arms on the 19mm binder clips can be used to hang lightweight stacks for easy access. Business Source Small Binder Clips, Black, 40 / Pack (Quantity)

3 reviews
Presentation clips with superior holding power. Keep files organized and secure. Handle can be kept upright for handling and hanging, folded flat for storage, or removed for permanent binding. 30 binder clips in assorted sizes, including 12 mini, 12 small, and 6 medium clips. Packed in a handy reusable storage tub.

JAM Paper and Envelope Papercloops are a fun way to keep your documents together and organized. These JAM Paper original circular paperclips are made from vinyl-coated wire metal, ensuring both an inventive and durable twist to your next DIY project. Great for using at school, home or the office!

6 reviews
Superior holding power keeps files organized and secure. Handle can be kept upright for handling and hanging, folded flat for storage, or removed for permanent binding. Small binder clips ¾â wide with 3/8â capacity. Packed 36 per handy reusable storage tub. Assorted colors: White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow.

$3.64 $12.46
6 reviews
These stylish U Brands Mini Gold Binder Clips add stability while organizing important papers throughout your home office, classroom, or workplace. Perfect to fasten or bind your projects, presentations and reports securely. Each 15 mm wide binder clip is assembled with durable steel arms capable of holding up to 55 sheets of paper with an extra strong grip. Clips can be reused with their ability to bend back into shape after each use making it a great addition to use over and over in your office or workspace.

62 reviews
Pen+Gear Mini Binder Clips provide quality design, durable construction, and can handle a 20-sheet capacity. These clips feature an efficient design that provides a grip of unsurpassed strength and optimum compression. This firm, uniform grip virtually eliminates slipping, even at maximum capacity. When removed, these clips spring back to their original shape. Plus, the durable wire arms are rust-and scratch-resistant, making them a great option for long-term use. Don't forget to check out the entire Pen+Gear collection for all of your school and office essentials. Stock up on our Pen+Gear Mini Binder Clips today.