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Adhesive Removers, Glue Sticks, Liquid Glue & School Glue, Specialty Glue and more. Elmer's, Goo Gone, Smith & Nephew, 3M, Loctite, Krazy, Avery, The Original Super Glue, BAZIC Products, Gorilla Glue are some best selling brands in this category.
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$7.13 $14.97
139 reviews
Elmer's All Purpose School Glue Sticks offer a safe, easy and reliable way to perfect your crafts and projects. This set includes a count of 30 units in the package. The Elmer's glue sticks are acid-free and non-toxic, making them safe for children to use. They are also washable in case of accidents or messes. When the adhesive is used, it goes on smoothly and is clear in color. The washable school glue sticks can be used on a multitude of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, foam or poster boards. This makes this product a good solution for art projects, crafts, school projects and more. Elmer's strives to give a clump-free adhesive for neat and clean results.

34 reviews
Cra-Z-Art Washable Glue Sticks, 30 Count are purple so you can see where the but then the clear - like magic Easy to use and less messy than liquid glues. Quantity is perfect for teachers, school, classrooms as well as home or on the go projects. These are school quality glue sticks that come with a turn bottom for more product as needed, and a tight-fitting cap to avoid drying out. Acid-free glue lays down smoothly too, without clumping or breaking of glue sticks are a great value Be "always creative" with Cra-Z-Art

$27.13 $29.79
1 reviews
Purple on contact yet drying clear, Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks help you see exactly where you’re sticking your charts, pictures and more! The glue stick applies smoothly with a disappearing purple formula, making it perfect for kids just learning how to glue. Add on its non-toxic, acid-free formula and you can see why it’s the ideal adhesive for classrooms, homes and youngsters.

The Original Super Glue Gel Remover

The Original Super Glue
$10.39 $19.99
21 reviews
With the Super Glue Gel Remover from The Super Glue Corporation, you can easily remove stuck-on, cured adhesives and glue. This remover includes a brush applicator. The gel formula ensures that the remover stays where you put it. For use on jewelry, metal, wood, ceramic, most plastics, rubber, fingernails & more.

163 reviews
Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks are a fun way to attach items to paper, display board, cardboard, foam board, photos, and much more. The glue is purple when first applied, so it's easy to see, then it dries clear. For convenience, this glue is also specially formulated to be washable, non-toxic, and acid-free. Get smooth, clump-free results at home, school, or on the go with Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks.

Designed for easy application, the GladGirl? - It's Over -Extra Strength Lash Cream Glue remover effectively removes eyelash extensions. Consisting of a thick creamy paste, the remover offers minimal irritation.Customers please note... Your favorite Glad Lash remover has received a makeover! Be assured that it is exactly the same on the inside with no change to ingredients or formula.*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER* This product is for professional use only and never to be used on oneself. Please read the full disclaimer below before purchasing.

$18.77 $23.00
1 reviews
Brava Adhesive Remover Wipes gently remove adhesive left on the skin from your barrier. This remover helps the removal of your appliance go smoothly. Made without alcohol but with silicone to provide a sting-free experience. The wipes are conveniently packaged individually for travel. Box of 30. Does not leave residue or interfere with adhesion Drys within seconds Sting free formula Discreet packaging makes these wipes perfect for use on the go

$46.93 $62.42

323 reviews
These glue sticks feature a disappearing purple formula that provides a smooth application and is great for kids. The purple color allows you to keep track of where you have already glued, and it dries clear for a neat finished look.