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Kids won’t be missing anything for the beach with this Play Day Colossal Pail full of fun toys! This huge 20-piece set features a large basket that doubles as a pail! The lid features ocean-themed characters and can also be used as a sand sieve! The sand toys packed inside include 10 ocean-themed sand molds, three castle molds, three sand tools, a sand pail and a large sea creature sand shovel! Colors may be assorted

6 reviews
Create your next masterpiece with this Play Day Unicorn Chalk Set. This set includes 8 pieces of amazing looking glitter coated unicorn chalk. Use it on the driveway for a game of hopscotch or tic tac toe. Spend the afternoon with friends drawing your favorite animals like a silly sloth, a magical unicorn, and an adorable kitty cat. Don't forget to write your name so everyone in the neighborhood will know whose work of art it is. Hours of imaginative fun for all children!

3 reviews
Your child will have a fun and creative day at the beach or their backyard sandbox with this Play Day Beach Basket Set. This colorful 10-piece set allows for some impressive construction and contains a basket for easy storage of all the toys. Some of the pieces include a bucket and shovel, a toy boat, and multiple aquatic animal shapes. There's also a sifting tool so you can sift through the sand in search for hidden treasures. Use the bucket to collect colorful shells along the beach or create an amazing sandcastle with your friends. The Play Day Beach Basket Set will ensure summer days become an oasis of playful creativity.

23 reviews
Make a splash with these Play Day 5-Barrel Water Blasters, blast after blast with these awesome water pistols! With 5 giant no-leak barrels, it's an onslaught of water power that's sure to drench all opponents. A cool addition to any pool or beach party, it's sure to be a hit for kids and children of all ages!

42 reviews
The Play Day Max Liquidator Terminator Water Blaster packs a ton of water-blasting power with a new enhanced deluxe foam design, featuring assorted vivid purple and green custom colors and a 360-degree embossment. Boys, girls, parents, and families with all ages are ready for a water blasting battle at the pool, beach, or backyard. Just pull back to fill with water and push forward the foam handle for a super water blast of fun! Get ready for hours of pool time fun with the Play Day Max Liquidator Terminator Water Blaster with Purple/ Green Foam Colors. Ages 6+. Available exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com.

Up your sandcastle game with either of these Play Day Jumbo Castle Sand Bucket and Shovel sets! You’ll receive either a square bucket with turrets or a round castle bucket with parapet details. Both sets have a sturdy shovel attached along with a removable handle strap. Whether it’s at the beach, the pool, the sandbox, or the backyard, these sand toys for children will be a fun addition to your summer play. The Play Day Jumbo Castle Sand Bucket & Shovel set is the perfect beach pail for kids. The removable strap makes it easy to use the castle mold and allows you to attach the shovel to the pail handle for easy storage. Our toys are designed to last, our high-quality polypropylene buckets are BPA and phthalate-free!

34 reviews
Foster outdoor fun with the Play Day Sand & Water Table! This colorful, modular table allows children to create their own unique waterfall using the stackable spinners. Simply pour water into the top bucket and watch it cascade down to the sand below. Your child will enjoy mixing sand and water together in the table's basin to make exciting sculptures. This set includes 7 sand accessories, allowing your child to construct a variety of unique creations using tools and molds. The table's easy-to-assemble design also makes transportation and storage a breeze. Whether at the beach or in the backyard, this product is sure to engage your child and inspire hours of creative play! Great for all children ages 3 and up.

28 reviews
The Play Day Max Liquidator Beast Shark Water Blaster packs a ton of fun and adventure with its shark topped design and water blasting power! Great for the pool, beach or at the park! This Beast Shark Water Blaster is topped with soft PVC design and lightweight foam body making it easy for kids to pull back, fill and blast! The Shark Beast Blaster Shark blasts water up to 35 feet, and even floats in pool! This water blaster measures 14” x 3” x 2.5” and extends to 20.5” when filled with water. Unleash the Beast for hours of outdoor fun with Play Day Max Liquidator Beast Shark Water Blaster! Recommended for ages 6 and up Available Only at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart.com.

33 reviews
The Play Day Jumbo Pail and Mold Set handles all your beach fun needs in one fun item. This colorful assortment of beach fun toys is available in a jumbo castle mold or a two-gallon pail, and each pail includes an attached shovel on the removable handle strap. Get down to business and begin crafting your tasteful sand castles by scooping up a bucket of ocean water with the pail, dumping it onto a prime spot of sand, and beginning your masterpiece that will be fit for royalty. Fill the castle mold with sand and water to pack it to the shape and dump upside on your sand spot to implant your buildings on their territory. Use the shovel to dig a moat deep enough to keep your village safe. Most of all, be sure to have a fun time as you let your creativity flow with the Play Day Jumbo Pail and Mold Set.