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Q-tips Cotton Swabs Original, 2000 Count

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Product Description

Q-tips cotton swabs are the ultimate home and beauty tool. With the softest cotton at each end of the gently flexible stick, Q-tips cotton swabs are perfect for a variety of uses. Use our cotton swabs to meet your individual needs; Q-tips are suitable for use in many areas, including beauty (apply or remove eyeliner and eye shadow), baby care (delicately care for sensitive areas), home and electronics (clean and dust hard-to-reach spaces), or first aid (gently apply ointments and creams). Our paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests, and our cotton swabs are made with 100% pure cotton. Q-tips cotton swabs are biodegradable when composted, and our packaging is recyclable. The “Q” stands for “Quality,” something we’ve stood by since we were founded by Leo Gerstenzang in 1923. We’re proud of our history, commitment to the environment, and legacy of softness and quality. Today, Q-tips cotton swabs are the leading cotton swab brand and have been trusted for superior quality, versatility, and value for more than 85 years. Make sure to try our other products, including Q-tips Precision Tips and Q-tips Anti-Microbial Cotton Swabs. We’re also thrilled to announce our Q-tip Beauty Rounds, premium quality cotton pads for a wide range of beauty needs.
Q-tips Cotton Swabs Original, 2000 Count Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are the ultimate home, hygiene, and beauty tool. The soft cotton buds on Q-tips Cotton Swabs are made with 100% cotton, and the paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests. Use a Q-tip Cotton Swab as an ear cleaner (the cotton pads make perfect ear swabs) or as a beauty tool. The soft cotton sticks are delicate enough for sensitive jobs like baby hygiene; use a Q-tip to clean around your newborn's belly button or around your baby's nose. Q-tips cotton swabs are also great for cleaning electronics; the cotton tipped applicators are perfect for dusting between the keys on computer keyboards or cleaning out phone ports. Q-tips Cotton Swabs are biodegradable when composted, and all our packaging is recyclable.

Product Details

SKU 604534375 Brand Q-tips
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Customer Reviews


3/16/2021 5:00:00 PM

Wow! Great price for a 4 pack!

This is a great price! You get 4 packs that's awesome and the price was so cheap I couldn't believe my eye's. I had to tell everyone I knew how cheap this product was and you get 4 packs adding up to 2 thousand! Wow! That's awesome! Check out the price and you will also tell everyone you know about this!


4/17/2021 5:00:00 PM


I'm on social security disability so I get Medicare and anthem and Medicaid. Every 3 months I get $312 to shop at Walmart for over the counter stuff. I said 2000 of qtips it's free. Don't have to spend money on them since it free. I get wipes and bandages and etc.


8/1/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great price on a top of the line product

These are the perfect size for cleaning out inside your ear or for anything else you may need them for...I personally use them for cleaning the small parts in the computers I refurbish. You get a million of them in this deal !!!!


3/28/2021 5:00:00 PM

Not packaged as shown

Unfortunately the q-tips are not packaged as shown. I was hoping these would be in the slide out box container. Instead they are the containers with the perforated backs which are bulky and harder to store as well as harder to access the q-tips. I gave it four stars because they are the brand shown, and you do get a decent amount of q-tips for the price.


2/14/2021 4:00:00 PM

Packaging NOT as advertised

The packaging is NOT what is pictured / advertised, the Main reason that I ordered this item is BECAUSE of the square / rectangular packages that slide out, so Now we've got 2000 Q-tips in the dispenser package that we DON'T like and DIDN'T want and DIDN'T order. So if you're wanting that particular type of packing, the slide out boxes like in the advertised picture, then Do NOT order this item, I'm attaching a picture of the type of dispenser packages that is sent.


10/13/2021 5:00:00 PM

The Change IS Awful!

My mother used this on me and my siblings and I've used them on my children and my oldest is 40 years old. Well recently the W-tips have less cotton on them and some don't have any which really hurts the ear. So now I have to inspect them all before using. And with less cotton on them it can still hurt. I feel it doesn't clean nearly as well anymore. So in all these decades of trusting this product I am highly disappointed in the poor quality. I'm guessing whoever made this change has never used this product. I will be searching for a replacement product which I am not at all happy about doing but I am tired and stressed about my ears hurting. Less is not best. I wonder how many others are hurting their ears and worse their children's ears. Shame on you for making an inferior product. What a disappointment.


1/22/2015 4:00:00 PM

Poor quality compared to the past.

It's really a bad idea to skimp on the cotton tip. That's the reason consumers buy Q-tips as opposed to the store brand. The last box I purchased convinced me there is no reason to pay for name-brand any longer and I will be exploring other options. That seemingly small change makes a huge difference when using. In the picture below the original Q-tip is on the left, the new version is on the right.

2/25/2018 4:00:00 PM

Your downsizing is terrible!

I am appalled!! The quality of your Qtips is what made you better than the other choices.I didn't mind to pay the extra money to get the quality of your product, which was bigger cotton than generic! I bought a new box & I was shocked! The cotton had diminished down to smaller than the generic size. If this stays the same I'll be forced to buy generic & save money in the process. You can see in the pic, old on left, new on right. It might not seem like a major difference but to me, it is. Please go back to your original quality! :-( Sincerely, a lifetime customer for over 40+years.


9/23/2018 5:00:00 PM

Flimsy sticks are a HUGE disappointment.

Like so many other reviews here, my husband and I are extremely disappointed in our most recent box of Q-tips. Most notable is the flimsy stick, which always stayed rigid in the past. This is the ONLY reason I always bought the original Q-tip and not the newer Q-tips with the plastic stick (which were too flimsy). If I'm not getting the original Q-tip any longer, why should I pay the higher price for your product? And like the other customers here who have bothered to take the time to express their concerns to corporate, could you provide something beyond a canned response? For every customer who took the time to type a review, imagine how many other customers will just stop purchasing Q-tips without voicing their concerns-- perhaps your bottom line might indicate this trend. Personally, I won't be buying Q-tips in the future due to this huge drop in quality.


8/2/2021 5:00:00 PM

Bad batch

This who package of qtips have been horrible! Hardly any cotton on the tip, and the little that there is doesn't even stay on the stick! Plus some are even stuck together!