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SAMSUNG 5.1ch Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound and Acoustic Beam - HW-Q6CT (2020)

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Product Description

Immersive 3D theater quality sound, at home Samsung Q6CT makes surround sound come to life by delivering sound from the front, side and above. Plus, it’s perfectly matched for Samsung QLED TVs with easy setup, matching design, and integrated sound technology. Sound that wraps around you 3D Surround Sound The captivating experience of DTS Virtual:X turns your living room into a theater. Powerful 3D surround sound comes to life by recreating sound that makes you feel like you're a part of the scene. Feel the depth of moving sound Samsung Acoustic Beam Samsung Acoustic Beam technology mixes and delivers sound that appears to come precisely where the action is happening on screen. True 5.1ch sound that really moves you. Q Soundbar and TV, the perfect harmony Q-Symphony Breakthrough technology that synchronizes Samsung QLED TV speakers with the Q-Series soundbar speakers for fuller, more immersive, cinematic sound. Connect, listen, enjoy Multi-Connection Bluetooth® multi connection - Connect two different smart devices at the same time so you can conveniently switch between devices. * Soundbar mobile connection is not available when connected to the TV. Bluetooth® TV connection - Connect via Bluetooth® and enjoy your favorite content without unsightly cables. * Please check whether your TV is Bluetooth® compatible. HDMI - Connect your devices via HDMI for a rich audio experience. * Compatible devices only. Hear better. Play better Game Pro Mode Connect your console to the soundbar to boost your gaming experience. Optimize sound, while offering clear directional sound to gain the advantage. * Compatible TVs and game consoles only. Engineered by sound innovation experts Samsung Audio Lab Designed, tested, and tuned at our state-of-the-art California Audio Lab, where world-class audio engineers apply advanced acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modeling to give you perfectly balanced, room-filling sound. A world of sound with one remote Samsung OneRemote One remote is all you need. Control key soundbar functions like power, volume, and even sound effects with the Samsung TV remote. * Compatible with selected Samsung TVs. Please check the Samsung TV's specification
3D Surround Sound Samsung Acoustic Beam Bluetooth® Multi-Connection Game Pro Mode Q-Symphony

Product Details

SKU 877618160 Brand SAMSUNG
Model Number HW-Q6CT/ZA UPC 887276390475
Color Black Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


12/29/2020 4:00:00 PM

Amazing sound

I was amazed at the sound this system produced. We had a DVD surround sound system before with 4 speakers and a sub woofer, that sounded amazing, or so we  thought. I loved the sound it put out listening to music and movies....Well let's just say the old system is now in the back room/man cave. This 2 piece system blows that one away!  I listen to music on this one and it's sound quality and volume will rock the house. Im able to adjust the Bass and Treble,  and there are different settings for  gaming, surround, virtual, standard ect. With TV watching, it picks up everything and makes it sound as though you are in a theater. Another big plus is I can now use just the one remote to control everything as apposed to the two I had to use before. Only real issue is it's slower to turn the volume up or down...its not as quick as the other..but ill learn to deal with it..with the new sound, and much less use of space..boom...yep..lol I'm very very satisfied with this system! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.


8/15/2021 5:00:00 PM

KING of Sound bar - Samsung 950A sound bar

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Sound quality is mind blowing. Amazing sound effects with Dolby Atmos sound. I am glad I waited for the release of the product this year and it paid off big time. I would say this is the best sound bar in market i.e., KING of sound bar. Samsung 950A sound bar is the BEST!! CLEAR voices, and (very surprisingly) deep sub-bass frequencies, without any booming or bass bloat. The EQ and other 'voicing' capabilities are fantastic. You can adjust how loud the side-mount, and top-mount speakers are in relation to the front speakers, and, although I usually hate anything but direct sound, these additional speakers give great ambience without muddying voices. I love that the bluetooth sub can be placed where it needs to be in the room, to avoid room modes (google that). The bass goes really deep (I estimate 30 Hz) and is 'flat'. You can separately change the subwoofer volume from the remote, and also use the EQ menu function. Be aware that there are firmware upgrades available, and you can apply them using USB, without having to connect to the internet with another privacy-invading alexa connection. This speaker is well worth the significant amount of money.


7/7/2021 5:00:00 PM

Amazing Soundbar

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Not much to say about this product, amazing sound quality with super cool features. The sound quality was absolutely amazing when set to the surround sound mode, I felt like I had a 3 or 5 channel speaker setup. The subwoofer you get with the speaker takes the audio experience to the next level. The size was just perfect to put on top of my tv stand, and it is very ideal for high-performance computing systems. Althought I had to adjust the subwoofer a bit in order to really feel the bass in movies (I had to put the subwoofer volume at +3) it still was an amazing audio experience right out of the box. I was easily able to connect it to my TV and utilize the wifi and hdmi connectivity as I connected my laptops and my TV to it. I primarily used this soundbar with my TV and connected it to my phone to listen to music and it just works flawlessly. This is a must-buy soundbar for anyone in the market for one.


6/16/2021 5:00:00 PM


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This soundbar is awesome! It took me all of 15 minutes to unpack it, hook it up and have awesome sound come out of it! The subwoofer definitely makes everything come to life. The dolby atmos is a very cool feature as well! As much as I love my QLed TV, the sound coming from it was lacking, especially when watching sports or movies. With the adaptive audio you are able to clearly hear the voices over all the background sounds which is also a very nice feature. I basically leave mine set to this feature. I also recommend downloading it to your smart things app. From there you can make a whole array of adjustments to your liking. This soundbar is also very good for listening to music. To me it's just as good or better than any other high end Bluetooth device on the market.

7/7/2021 5:00:00 PM

So loud!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] It was easy to set up once we figured it out and it links so easy with Bluetooth. My kids love having it on to play video games especially with their Sony vr. When we watch movies it feels like we are in a theater I was never a fan of bass but it makes watching TV so much better the quality is so smooth and doesn't sound static when it's too loud. Even without the bass it sounds so clear and loud. It looks very elegant as well.


6/22/2021 5:00:00 PM

Theater quality sound

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] i am surprised with the immense output from this soundbar with the multiple drivers working in concert together producing clear atmos audio. main reason for purchasing this combo was the samsung q symphony feature which integrates the output from the sound bar and tv speakers simultaneously. there is a noticeable difference in sound immersion with this feature turned on. setup straightforward with the included hdmi cable and mounting brackets. i also purchased the swa-9500s - wireless rear speaker kit w/ dolby atmos/dts:x to add wireless surround sound


4/1/2021 5:00:00 PM

Amazing experience when used with new Neo QLED tv

i received the new hw-q800a soundbar that i preordered 3 days after receiving my new 75 inch qn90a qled tv that i preordered as well. the sound system on the qn90a is the best i ever experienced with a built in speaker system. i was totally impressed. i ordered the hw-q800a soundbar and sub-woofer, after reading professional reviews that were all very favorable. after installing the soundbar i was again amazed. the sound bar on its own wiith dolby atmos is amazing for such a small foot print. when i use the q symphony feature (soundbar and tv together) it just blew me away. it takes the experience to a different a totally immersive experience. it's almost like being in the movie. if you have a new qled tv i highly recommend this soundbar particularly using the tv and soundbar together.


8/3/2021 5:00:00 PM

Incredible Sound and Clarity

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have had a few experiences with sound bars over the recent years and this system comes to as home theater quality as I have experienced. I have used this sound bar in two separate rooms in my house to try out how it handles being in an enclosed space (media room) as well as a wide open floorplan with 12' ceilings...noting very little difference and am amazed at the clarify this package delivers. The virtual surround processing is excellent! As certain streams are only in stereo, it does separate the channels quite nicely and 'put' the sound right where it needs to be for both shows, media and games. The Atmos and DTS processing has been the best I have experienced coming from a compact package and truly does project sound spatially even with high ceilings and wide walls (though it did require some minor small tuning with delay to make it 'right'). I have put it through Dolby streams as well as Dolby and DTS on BD and still amazed at how little difference there is between this setup and a full 9.2.4 setup. Setting up was extremely simple, being able to setup the entire system with only one HDMI cable to the TV and letting the auto-calibration taking care of the rest. You may have to tweak delay a little depending on where you put it but it took about a total of 30 minutes to setup from unboxing to enjoying as you see in the picture. I would very highly recommend this to anyone looking to obtain home theater quality sound from a package that suits everything from a cozy flat to the wide open spaces of open floor plans. You will enjoy every moment and source you throw at it.


12/13/2021 4:00:00 PM

Wireless bluetooth surround sound

I was very skeptical buying this unit because I was afraid to buy and not meeting my needs, but I was wrong. It is easy to setup and sound great watching soccer or football games. And by the way I watching movies now because of the clear sound. I strongly recommend it. You won't regret.

Anthony G

7/28/2021 5:00:00 PM

Happy- Clear vocals and thumping bass

hi. three impressions below. 1. sound- crisp voices in movies (even without the voice clarity feature on) and surprising bass. like- shake the frames on the walls bass. music sounds full and details clear. 2. features- airplay (a must). bluetooth. atmos capable. wireless sub is super convenient and easy to setup. no custom room tuning. 3. atmos- well- i struggle to hear atmos effects. (yes, i set it up properly.) sounds more like a "theatre" filter to my ears. if you're looking for clear sounds from behind you and above you, this soundbar alone will not produce that. do i reccomend: yes. you can safely buy this soundbar and be confident in really good sound quality. just don't expect "atmos magic". need surrounds for that i suppose or a 5.1 soundbar.

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