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Sceptre 75" Class 4K UHD LED TV HDR U750CV-U

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Product Description

At 75 inches, you will feel surrounded by eight million pixels that are brought to life by unsurpassed clarity and color. Sceptre 4K Ultra High-Definition displays have four times the number of pixels as Full HD display, turning your shows into an epic UHD viewing experience. Four HDMI ports allow you to connect up to four devices at once, so you can stream, browse and listen to all of your favorite multimedia. The HDMI 2.0 ports allow you to seamlessly stream 4K video to get the most rewarding viewing experience that is available on the market. The innovative USB port further expands functionality, allowing users to listen to music and view digital pictures quickly and conveniently.
Sceptre 75" Class TV (U750CV-U): Key Features: Screen Size (Diag.): 74.5" Backlight Type: LED Resolution: 2160p High Dynamic Range (HDR) Effective Refresh Rate: 60Hz Smart Functionality: no Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Viewable Angle (H/V): 178 degrees/178 degrees Number of Colors: 16.7 M OSD Language: English, Spanish, French Speakers/Power Output: 10W x 2 Noise Reduction and Weak Signal EnhancementConnectivity: Component/Composite Video HDMI Headphone Optical Digital Audio RCA Audio L+R RF (Coaxial) USB 2.0What's In The Box: Remote ControlSupport and Warranty: 1-year limited labor and parts Flat Screen TV stand sold separately. See all TV stands. Flat Screen TV mount sold separately. See all TV mounts. TV audio equipment sold separately. See all Home Theater Systems. HDMI cables sold separately. See all HDMI Cables. Accessories sold separately. See all Accessories.

Product Details

SKU 55427162 Brand Sceptre
Model Number U750CV-U UPC 792343375807
Color Black Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


9/5/2020 5:00:00 PM

Good value, good picture

It is not a smart tv, its more of a monitor so the price is a bit cheaper yet picture is great. Ive used Roku for a decade and it works fantastic with my new tv. I have a spectre 65 downstairs and its two years old with no problems. Very pleased


8/24/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great value and picture

another purchasers post regarding the sensor being in an odd place at the bottom corner if you are trying to aim the remote.


5/9/2020 5:00:00 PM


Love it


12/21/2019 4:00:00 PM

So Stoked

I'm a gamer and I bought 2 of these. One for the Xbox n one for the PS4. I read all the reviews. Normally I go with Samsung. Gotta say I'm not sorry for the purchase. These TV's are amazing!! Picture quality is phenomenal and I take no exception with the sound. These are as good as any over priced Samsung.


8/30/2019 5:00:00 PM

Fantastic TV at an unbelievably low price!

Many of the negative reviews are based on issues with SHIPPING, and have NOTHING to do with the TV! I paid $1330 for this awesome TV 1.5 years ago, and thought that was a great price. The TV is almost always on and it still looks and functions perfectly. Now I see Walmart is selling it for $799! OMG I should stock up! lol This TV is incredible! The picture is phenomenal and has many different options for picture settings that can easily be accessed. The sound is not good for watching loud movies in your living room or listening to music. But who the heck is gonna buy a ginormous 75" TV and not install a surround sound speaker system or, at the least, a soundbar? I have another Sceptre in my bedroom. It's a 60" and sounds just fine for bedroom use without a soundbar. All in all, a fantastic TV at an even better price!


1/20/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great TV for price!!!

Great TV for the price. Don't expect amazing tv quality like a high end model but it's great for what it is. It was packaged amazingly well and secured. Works clear and awesome with my Apple TV. Cable tv appears of lesser quality since it isn't 4K. Overall, amazingly huge tv for the price. Remember it is not a smart tv, but you can make it smart by buying an Apple TV or roku , google chromecast, or an Amazon fire stick.


10/16/2020 5:00:00 PM

Bad remote

I Love my Sceptre, The only thing I don't like is the remote I have to get right up to the television to turn it on and off and to change the channels. I bought this Television for my bedroom to watch movies and relax not to get up and down everytime to change channels. I would take it back, But I have to take it back to Wal-Mart myself. Do you have any suggestions? I would recommend this Item if the remote worked.


12/30/2019 4:00:00 PM

Get off the fence, just buy it, it's worth it

If you're on the fence about buying this like I was because you don't really recognize the brand don't worry, buy it. The picture is fantastic. Not like fantastic for the price or fantastic for a Walmart brand, it's fantastic period against other more expensive brands. I'll explain what I mean. In my ugh.... "man cave" I had a 55 inch LG and it was really nice. I had an Xbox One X hooked up to it and when you go into it's settings to set it up for a 4k display it has a bunch of items leaked with green or red check marks to let you know what your display supports. This TV had better compatibility with faster refresh rates and frames per second then my LG that cost 2x as much. The negatives are its bare bones menus and settings and lack of smart features but that's easily fixed with a firestick or modern game console.


11/4/2020 4:00:00 PM

Don't waste your money

This set cannot properly process HDR content. Swirling green pixels can be seen when watching SD, HD, or 4K content whether it is streamed or played from a uncompressed local source. Vertical banding is also very obvious to all but the blind. Especially in the middle of the panel where there is a 3" wide strip. Right down the middle of the picture! These sets apparently use rejected panels that were not good enough for Samsung sets. If you have any eye sight left you WILL notice these issues! If you're half blind then go ahead and waste your money. The picture and processing issues CANNOT be ignored and you won't be able to "tune them out" because they're that blatent. Don't waste your hard earned money on Sceptre TV's!


12/8/2018 4:00:00 PM

Don’t fall for the price, read reviews elseware

Buyers beware. I purchased this tv online black Friday. Normally i do a fair amount of research prior to purchases but I didnt go any deeper this time than the reviews on walmart.com. At the time of purchase there was 90 some positive and a few bad reviews mostly dealing with shipping problems. Upon arrival of my new tv a close inspection showed the packaging to be in good shape so I was very happy to not have any shipping issues to deal with. I installed my new tv and started the setup process. I immediately knew I had an issue when the screen came on. I had vertical light and dark stripes on the tv. I tried several picture settings, changed different HDMI cables, plugged in different video source units to rule out any isse of my components. Nothing helped. I tried to contact Sceptre by phone. But after several call attempts where they won’t answer the phone, i decided to email describing the issue. The response I recieved was not an applogetic one for having received a defective unit. It simply told me to return it to where I bought it. In the midst of this I was doing more searches on this tv. The list is long with issues. One that I find surprising is the warranty. In order for the one year warranty to be valid, you must keep the origional packaging and ship yhe tv back to them for evaluation of the warranty issue. YOU MUST SHIP IT BACK AT YOUR COST. As you can imagine, I have returned this tv and will never buy another Sceptre tv