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Simple Mobile LG Journey, 16GB, Black - Prepaid Smartphone

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Product Description

Get the new LG Journey on Simple Mobile! With Simple Mobile, your family will stay connected no matter what with our non-stop nationwide 4G LTE† coverage powered by T-Mobile. Carve your own path with the LG Journey™ LTE. This smartphone is stocked with all the essentials including feature-packed cameras, a vibrant display, and handy AI tools. Wherever you go, whatever you do, this pocket-sized device will keep up every step of the way. Package includes: LG Journey, Activation Card, Services Guide, Charger, Battery, and Quick Start Guide. Simple Mobile Service Card sold separately. Simple Mobile service plans are available for as low as $25 a month and give you access to non-stop nationwide 4G LTE coverage powered by T-Mobile.
Key Features: 4.45" HD+ Full Vision Display 8MP autofocus rear camera with Fast Catch 5MP front camera with portrait mode 3,000 mAh Battery Talk time up to 14 hours

Product Details

SKU 105625979 Brand LG
Model Number Journey LTE UPC 616960333005
Color Other Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


10/27/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great LG phone for Beginners

I bought this phone in a rush because my old one had suddenly stopped charging and it would take a couple weeks to work through getting the replacement. I needed an upgrade anyway, and this was definitely a bargain for me as it was cheaper than my old off-brand phones, yet it's a real flagship brand with customer service. I was very pleased when LG automatically sent me Android 10 to install on it. This means I'll be able to keep the phone for a long time; my old ones never had OS upgrades. It's a very good phone with a screen that's just a little bigger than my TCL LX which is kind of skinny, but this one is quite big enough for everything. The bloatware can be uninstalled (anything that only installs itself on WiFi can be removed) and the phone doesn't come with anything that it doesn't need except Facebook, which I promptly disabled. The newly installed OS operates very smoothly without taking up a lot of space and the settings are intuitive and easy to use. I especially like the Comfort View which tones down the screen's blue light in the evening. One thing I think is a little odd is it lacks any kind of notification light, not for charging or messages or anything. I would prefer to have one even if only to be assured that it's charging properly without turning on the screen. Another thing is the camera is just a little too smart, which is hard to explain. I first noticed this tendency on my iPad. The camera will blur certain details to focus on others, and you can end up with a rather poor quality appearance in some areas, such as doll hair that appears to be matted. My TCL LX will always record as much detail as it can, and most pics turn out beautifully. But despite this LG camera being the same resolution as the TCL, it records details in a peculiar way. It works excellently with pics of print and pages, however.


9/12/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great budget phone

Upgraded to this device through Simple Mobile from an LG Rebel 4, another good budget phone, the difference was faster processor, HD screen & bigger, about the same camera, can't forget the newest OS also. All that for 40$ I recommend this phone to anybody who needs an reliable phone that can handle whatever you throw at it get this

11/3/2020 4:00:00 PM

I love my LG Journey!!

I have found the LG Journey to be a good product for a great price!! The battery life is impressive as are the tools. I appreciate that it has more useful tools than useless games. I have no complaints.


12/16/2021 4:00:00 PM

Great little Phone

This is a great little phone Works really well at my moms house and we really had trouble finding a phone that would work at her house . She is 84 and in bad health . Last week her electric went out in a storm and you guessed it dark . Was off 9 hours and we had the phone that worked great .

Brittany V

2/1/2021 4:00:00 PM

Price efficient. Good Value. Decent storage. Nice.

Both my 5 year old and 9 year old have this phone and they seem to like it. Still they would rather try and steal my iPhone or iPad but that's just kids in general, they always want what they don't have, especially if it's Mommy's! Lol. But overall I would say it's a great phone. Myself personally, I prefer an iPhone over anything else, but if I didn't have my heart set on an iPhone I would gladly use this phone in my everyday life. My kids are picky and impatient (wonder where they get that lol) so they don't like when a phone freezes up or lags, and I can tell you that I've not once had to hear them complain about it happening with these phones. They stay charged from the time they get up for Saturday morning cartoons until about an hour after dinner time (and they LOVE being on their phones) So as far as the battery goes, it surprisingly holds a good charge for majority of the day. And I would say if you barely use your phone you could probably make the battery last days even!!! Great image quality and vibrant colors. Also has more space than most other phones at its price. Really can't complain, other than, it's not an iPhone. Lol. But for some I know that's a plus lol. If you are looking for a phone for your child or yourself, I would like to think that if you bought this phone you would not be disappointed. Hope my review helped even one person. I hate writing reviews lol, but love reading them. So I figured as much as I hate writing them, I must, it's my duty... lol. How would I ever know what to buy and not to buy? I rely on reviews to help me make a more educated purchase. Have a wonderful day!


11/8/2021 4:00:00 PM

Good basic simple phone

This is a generally GOOD plain simple phone- it works well for it's purpose


10/23/2020 5:00:00 PM

Easy to use

The phone was nice and good fit for my hand.definitely need a case tho.the back cover was very slippery and easy to drop.I'm hard of hearing, so the volume wasn't high enough for me.


12/31/2021 4:00:00 PM

Won't text or calls

I got the phone a couple weeks ago. I've never been able to get the wifi calling to work and cannot text or receive them. Customer service (6) different reps have told me it's fine on their end. They offer to text me links and call backs. They don't hear me tell them I will not get either.


5/30/2021 5:00:00 PM

Apparently someone had gotten this phone before I bought it and had put a code in it so without the code Simple Mobile couldn't set it up! Took it back, never again order phone on line! Will get local in case this happens again! Got new phone at local CVS, got it set up no problem!!

1/23/2021 4:00:00 PM

Worst ever

Ive only had service for a couple of weeks and literally have only used it for 3 days. It keeps getting switched off and im having to wait two days at a time to get it switched back... im very unhappy with this service.

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