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Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8

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Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8 Sterilite, 18 gal./68 L Tote Box, Steel, Case of 8





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Product Description

Organize, contain and store it away in Sterilite's 18 Gallon Tote. This popular size tote is ideal for a variety of basic household needs, such as sorting and storing clothing, toys, linens, craft supplies, seasonal decorations and more! The simple squared off design offers a space efficient shape, and a broad rim for added strength. The lid securely snaps to the base, keeping contents safely in place and concealed. The contoured end panels and textured in molded handles provide a comfortable grip for lifting and carrying, making transporting the tote easier, whether moving into a dorm or storing away belongings in the attic or basement. The deep recessed surface of the lid allows multiple totes to stack neatly on top of each other for efficient use of vertical storage space. The overall assembled dimensions of this item are 23 1/8" L x 18 1/8" W x 14 7/8" H.
Overall Assembled Size: 23 1/8" x 18 1/8" x 14 7/8" This popular size 18 Gallon Tote is ideal for a variety of basic household needs Set of 8 Opaque base allows contents to be stored and concealed out of site This popular size tote is ideal for a variety of household storage needs, such as clothing, toys, and linens Integrated handles with textured surface provides a sure grip for more comfortable carrying Lid snaps firmly to base to ensure contents stay contained and concealed Deep recessed lid allows for secure stacking to maximize vertical storage space

Product Details

SKU 225519176 Brand Sterilite
Model Number 2186-83 UPC 841342107060
Color Silver Size 23 1/8" L x 18 1/8" W x 14 7/8" H
Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


7/27/2020 5:00:00 PM

Grey Sterlite Totes 8 Pack

I was worried about ordering these because of the comments about them being cracked or missing pieces. I bought a set of 8 grey and it got delivered in an actual sterlite box with all 8 lids and totes. I ended up buying another set of 8 because I knew i needed more and again it came in the same packaging (opened this time but I think the delivery person held it by the top walking it up the stairs to my door probably) all in good condition again. I plan to fill them with all my crafts and cricut vinyls, toys from my 3 kids and get everything into my garage thats taking up space in my house since I don't have the biggest space. Everything in my garage is just thrown in unorganized and ends up lost so at least now everything will have a spot so it ends up saving me money and time. The totes are just regular totes. These seem a little sturdier then the mainstay ones which I was hoping for because im sure my kids will climb on the ones i put their toys on a few times before i get them to stay off but as long as they don't jump on them I think they will be fine (3yo and 4yo not worried about my 9yo but she will be the one who does it watch my word karma come to get me). If it helps anyone these shipped from chino, ca it said and made it to 120 degree phoenix without melting in good condition 2x (maybe all the cracked ones are coming from the same area or facility?). If your looking for super sturdy thick totes these aren't the ones but if your looking for good organization/moving totes that will work like every parent ever growing up had then these are the ones for you.


11/6/2020 4:00:00 PM

I liked it

Great storage solution


9/25/2020 5:00:00 PM

Sterlite storage.

I love the colorful totes. I ordered these to organize a closet and get rid of cardboard boxes. They came in precisely the amount I needed. 8 containers with lids. Unfortunately they arrived with only 6 lids! I thought they must be in the bottom but nope. So now I will have to physically go to the store to purchase 2 more to complete my mission. I gave 4 stars bc other than missing two lids the containers are all intact without damage.


10/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great product, not so much the delivery.

Really nice set of totes! Great color! Very sturdy! However the box came slightly crushed, causing minor damage to the lids. Wish the trip from the warehouse to my porch had been more carefully done.


8/7/2020 5:00:00 PM

2/DAMAGED I hope to have replacements

I have several sizes in these and I have ordered a few times in the past but this is the first time I have had them delivered damage. You would think with all the same reviews sterilite would pack these bins better. It must be a loss to the company I would think? Like other reviews my bottom 2 bins were cracked from pressure weight. These should be shipped in threes. I would like the 2 bins replaced? I need them thats why I ordered them.


8/16/2020 5:00:00 PM

Quality control issues

This is what you would expect from Sterilite, decent quality for the price and a nice color. However, of the 8 bins, almost half had a black grease smeared somewhere on them, and it wouldnt come off no matter how I scrubbed! Not sure if that was from packing. Also, only 7 of the 8 kids were sent. A bit disappointing!


7/29/2020 5:00:00 PM

Not terrible

Not as bad as some other peoples but there are some cracks in 1/8 lids. A few of the other lids are a bit bent but they still work. However there shouldn't be any cracks or bends in any of the lids.


6/23/2020 5:00:00 PM

Disappointed because of missing top

I just received my delivery and I'm missing one top for one of the containers. And one of the containers is slightly damaged at the bottom. So I'm very disappointed about that. Over all the containers are nice. Good size.


10/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Broken lids

When I received my storage bins I opened the box to find all 8 lids were broken. Some were cracked and broken in all 4 corners. The bins were in decent shape and free of damage.


7/8/2020 5:00:00 PM

Not great for warped lids on totes

Lids came bent and warped. Will not close and seal onto the totes