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Straight Talk Motorola Moto G Stylus, 128GB, Gray - Prepaid Smartphone

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Product Description

Now through 06/10/22, save $50 on a new Moto G Stylus at your local Walmart store when you purchase and activate a new line of service on Straight Talk. You’ll get an amaizing discount on a top smartphone and great coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks, all with no contracts or mystery fees ever. This limited time only offer must be redeemed in-store, so visit a Walmart store to get an Moto G Stylus for $129 today. Capture outstanding shots in any situation with the innovative quad camera system on the Motorola moto g stylus smartphone from Straight Talk. This gray phone comes with a huge 128GB of storage for all your photos, and the slide out stylus is perfect for precisely retouching an image, jotting down a note, or quickly sharing all the latest updates on your feeds. Add the talk, text & data plan of your choice and get nationwide coverage™ on America’s largest and most dependable networks† for less with Straight Talk. Get your next phone with no contract and no mystery fees online or at your local Walmart today.
Up to 2 days of battery life 48MP quad camera system 128GB memory 6.8” FHD+ Max Vision Display 169.8mm x 77.9mm x 9mm Nationwide coverage™ on America’s largest and most dependable networks* Pair this phone with a best-selling no-contract Straight Talk plan Learn more about Straight Talk by visiting our Brand Page *Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. See details at StraightTalk.com.

Product Details

SKU 881672193 Brand Motorola
Model Number STMTXT2115DCPWP UPC 616960393276
Color Gray Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


7/31/2021 5:00:00 PM

Love It

I've had my new phone for a week and I love it. Picture quality is so much better and having more storage is a huge plus. Still learning and exploring my phone every day. No complaints at all about this phone and I was able to find phone cases fairly easily! Definitely recommend this phone for anyone looking to get a new one and not have to spend an arm and a leg. Great phone and great price

3/19/2021 5:00:00 PM

Awesome phone. I was used to Samsung phones, but this moto g didn't disappoint. Won't find a better phone for the price. Signal is better than my old Samsung. Call and voice clarity is excellent. The 128GB of storage is more than I'll ever use. The 4GB of RAM keeps everything moving and the processor is blazing fast. Wouldn't trade even for an iphone, I'd have to get money to boot. I read a review that said this phone didn't have a case but I found one for $7.99 on Walmart's website. It arrived today and fits perfect, just like a glove. The stylus works good although I will rarely use it. I got the phone because of the huge 6.8" screen. It's the size of a small tablet!! I've had the phone for a week and it just keeps getting faster. I love that it doesn't have the bottom "buttons" taking up screen space!! You just use gestures on the screen for everything, including the internet. Just a simple swipe and the webpage goes back!! The camera is great. Takes great video too. You won't be disappointed. Ignore the negative reviews. The moto g stylus is better than Samsung and Apple!!


5/2/2021 5:00:00 PM

love this phone best stylus phone

I have had 2 different samsung notes 5 and 9 I had plenty of each version...I have bought 2 of these I broke 1 screen a week after purchase...I love this phone the camera is awesome it has great picture quality sound is awesome.battery life love it google assistant is a feature I can't live without now I use it on my alarm clocks it tells me events time news thing I need to know phrases YouTube music a song get told the time its just perfect my husband wanted to get us note 10 plus first both of us well I bought me this and now he is gonna go buy him one of these Great price awesome phone couldn't be happier...


10/14/2021 5:00:00 PM

An honest review for an honest phone

This phone has been selling fast and for a good reason. Local Wal-Mart stores could not keep them in stock so I resorted to ordering online. I purchased this phone around 5 months ago and my wife loves this phone so much we got her this same one. The camera quality is quite astounding for being a sub-$200 phone. Compared to other flagship phones, it works flawlessly without many issues. Obviously with a flagship phone, higher graphic games play smoother, but compared to this price along with the camera, it brings a hard case for being a good "middle of the ground" phone. The only downside is Wal-Mart does not carry cases for this particular phone in stores (for us, Amazon was the best place to look). Compared to major flagship phones, the 128Gb memory is impressive with the ability to have expanded memory of up to 512Gb. This has more than enough storage for phots, games, apps and more. Upon activating the phone, I've never had an issue and was thoroughly surprised how seamless and how quick my wife's number transferred from Cricket to her new phone. All we had to do was enter her Cricket account information online through Straight Talk and they took care of the rest. We only had to wait approx. 15 minutes for her old phone to disconnect service and then service was connected through her new phone with the same number. We love the fact that you can keep your same number and not have the hassle of telling family members, doctors, employers, etc. that we have a new number. Overall, this phone has been solid for me and my wife as we are expecting our first child and will be taking quite a few photos and videos to capture memories. Great phone, great service.


7/26/2021 5:00:00 PM

Motorola Stylus G 2021

I really am liking the Motorola phone although I was partial to Samsung. I love that it has 128 GB. My only con at this time is that the stylus pen was stuck and I could not get it out. It even broke off. I inserted it back in and tapped it on the desk and let it stay put and just use my finger. As far as cases are concerned, I initially ordered the wrong case at the same time with this phone because the case was for Motorola 2020 phone. You got to make sure you get the 2021 case. But I ordered a lovely one from eBay.


8/21/2021 5:00:00 PM

got what I paid for.

ok phone so far....up to 2 days battery life is a huge exaggeration though. maybe 2 days if you don't use it at all. I'll use it for a while but probably wouldn't buy it again. needs a bigger battery. I like the stylus. I like the size. it's a big phone. price was right. got what I paid for.


5/15/2022 5:00:00 PM

The phone is disapppointing.

I like the size of the phone but it doesn't hold a charge well. In 2 hours it has dropped 20%. I charged it at the beginning of the day and it died on me by 5 pm.


8/30/2021 5:00:00 PM

Replaced Twice: Still Doesn't Work

On May 24th 2021 I purchased this phone. It worked amazingly for 30 days on the dot then stopped working. No internet and No phone calls in or out. Spent 2 and half weeks with 10 different customer reps on the phone for about 90 minutes each time trying to figure out the problem, they had no idea how to help. So I requested a new one, I sent the old one back and was actually excited to try the phone out for a second time. The new phone just gave out last night, 35 days is all I've had with it. I don't know what is going on with this model but it's absolutely ridiculous. Don't get me wrong the features are beautiful but it just doesn't keep the service I need. I'm gonna request a different model phone ASAP, quite shocked and disappointed that I'm having to go through this again. Do NOT buy this phone! I gave 2 stars bc the design is amazing and the features are nice.


9/24/2021 5:00:00 PM

Wouldn't buy

I bought this phone from walmart in person. Have had it maybe 6 or 7 months. Had no issues until today. The power button was super hot to the touch. I locked the screen and put it on charge. The phone died while charging and will not come on or attempt to charge. For almost $200 I expected to get more life out of it. The phone didnt even have a scratch on the screen. Has never been wet. I took great care of it.


11/29/2021 4:00:00 PM

Bad shipping employee Unactivated phone!!!

This device wasn't activated when i received it from Walmart.com I had to go through a whole process with Straight talk/Tracphone to report it and wait an extra 24hrs before they contacted me. Still currently unresolved. It was a Christmas present. Good thing i decided to give it early, but im mad that i have to go through EXTRA hoops because of some lazy person who doesn't know how to do their job before shipping.

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