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Straight Talk TCL A3, 32GB, Black- Prepaid Smartphone

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Product Description

The TCL A3 in Prime Black from Straight Talk features a spacious 5.5” 18:9 HD+ display in a compact body, packing a lot of punch in a small frame. Take stunning photos with the 8MP rear camera with Pro mode or start a video chat with the 5MP selfie camera. Facial recognition conveniently unlocks your phone so you can stay on top of social media updates, calls, and emails. The large battery, fast processor, and ample expandable memory help you keep up with your daily multitasking needs. Pair it with an unlimited talk, text & data plan on America’s largest and most dependable networks without a contract from Straight Talk to keep you connected for less. Find the Alcatel TCL A3 and Straight Talk plans online or in-store at your local Walmart.
8MP rear camera with LED flash 5MP front camera Up to 14 hours talk time, 15.8 days standby time Up to 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor 32GB ROM Android 11 OS

Product Details

SKU 559622678 Brand TCL
Model Number STALA509DCPWP UPC 616960403708
Color Black

Customer Reviews


2/15/2022 4:00:00 PM

Good Value

The phone is a real bargain. I paid around $40. I was wanting a basic, lower end phone with a newer Android system and security features. This one has Android 11 with a very fast processor. Like most newer phones it's has a lot of bloatware but overall, I think it's a good phone at a great price.


4/2/2022 5:00:00 PM

not terrible but not wonderful...the biggest complaint i had was when I changed numbers after the initial set up my SIM card would not register and took over 48 hours to reconnect after entering tons of codes, removing the battery and SIM card, on and off again just over and over..it was terrible. The phone itself is now for my children to play their games and it works for them.


3/15/2022 5:00:00 PM

Worst phone ever!!!

about this phone in December because I lost the one I had previously. I do not recommend this phone. this phone has been nothing but trouble. I am constantly discovering I have no mobile data on. that I cannot receive or make calls, text or use the internet. I have missed so many important phone calls! my family has been worried about me and thought I was an accident because they were unable to reach me for hours and hours. all because this phone decides when you can and cannot have mobile data services because it thinks you need to rest. I do not recommend this phone or any other that has that app on it that helps you take time off the screen or take time to rest or schedule your sleep. that app does not understand if you do not work a traditional $95 job and go to bed at 10:00 at night and get up at 6:00 or 7:00. I work night shift and my phone would not allow my alarm to wake me up at midnight because it thought I should be sleeping then. I had to completely disabled that app in order to use my phone. however is still are the mobile data on and off when it wants. I do not recommend this phone worst phone ever!! as soon as possible I am replacing it as soon as I can find a decent phone.


2/21/2022 4:00:00 PM

No longer reliable

Alarms and calendar alerts don't work anymore after latest android 11 update. Before update it seemed like a perfectly serviceable phone. Now I would recommend getting a used older phone with an actually reliable operating system and leave google to break all their new devices with forced broken updates.


12/14/2021 4:00:00 PM

Not worth a penny

Terrible phone. Never works, no one can ever hear me or it just hangs up on people. Settings do not stay in there. will be returning. Horrible experience, cant carrry on a conversation with a dr. or anyone.


2/20/2022 4:00:00 PM

This phone won't hold a charge.


4/8/2022 5:00:00 PM

phone and not reliable

worst phone ever I've bought in store the phone is so slow it kicks you off of apps all the time the phone goes on the lock screen randomly the phone not reliable I have trouble sending text websites don't load apps don't load nothing loads touch screen barelythan works it doesn't connect to Wi-Fi all the time it's not my Wi-Fi not it's the phone because I'm right by the router I either have no internet or one bar of Wi-Fi and the phone presses random buttons by itself I hate the phone.


4/27/2022 5:00:00 PM

3 days

I've only had this phone for a couple of days and barely used it the third day I was just exploring the phone and the screen kept shutting off on me constantly to where it was impossible to use


2/15/2022 4:00:00 PM

Do NOT buy this phone, it's no good

Do not buy this phone. There's a reason why it's $40. Mine lasted 3 months at the most. I bought it as a backup phone I would never use it as my main phone, it's too unreliable. It was quirky but usable and the simple mobile service data plan was next to useless it was so slow. But it did make calls and texts which all I wanted from it. At 3 months it started stuttering and it just stopped charging. I tried rebooting it, I tried different chargers and taking the battery out and reinserting it did nothing. It also corrupted my SD card I had in it. So with the little battery life left I reset it and erased everything and recycled it. Waste of time and money. I thought it would be good as I have a TCL Android TV that works very well.


4/6/2022 5:00:00 PM

i really disliked the phone it barely got servce like my other samsung and it kept telling me no sim card found and if i want on wifi i couldn't place or recieve calls.. I wouldnt recommend this phone at all

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