Summer Infant Comfy Clean Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub, Teal

Summer Infant Comfy Clean Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub, Teal
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Product Description

Designed for total comfort and support, the Summer Infant Comfy Clean Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is sure to keep a smile on your little one?s face during bath time. This extra large tub includes a soft fabric sling that gently cradles your baby. As your little one grows, the foam pads and contoured sides and seating areas ensure baby stays safely (and comfortably) in place.
Extra-large 3-stage tub grows with your baby. Newborn fabric sling cradles baby, features a cushioned headrest, Padded recline backrest with side supports for comfort and support, Spacious toddler seating area

Product Details

Brand Summer Infant Model Number 09720
UPC 012914097205 Color Blue
Parent Item Id 501727852

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Average Customer Rating: 4.5       Customer Review Count: 214      
Reviewer: misscakes
Overall: 5
6/17/2018 5:00:00 PM

Washing your baby can be fun

This baby bath tub is very well made with a place to place your soap and feet to place on a counter or place over a sink. It can fit an newborn, am infant or a toddlers up to 2 years old. The drain plug is placed off to the side so your child will not have it touching their skin., or accidently drain the water out of it during bath time. It comes complete with a sling to keep baby from sliding. There is a foam head and foot rest to cushion your child. This is a very nice tub and I recommend it to anyone with newborns to toddlers.
Reviewer: ndhudecz
Overall: 5
6/8/2018 5:00:00 PM

Great tub for parent and baby❤❤❤

Newborn fabric sling cradles baby features a cushioned headrest Padded recline backrest with side supports for comfort and support Spacious toddler seating area Parent assist tray helps keep bath essentials nearby Easy to access drain plug Fit in single or double sinks, and the adult tub The tub has a drain plug for easy accessing to drain water. The tub is made of quality material that will last for years from newborn, infant, to toddler. Parent and baby will love this well-made tub. I recommend this great product to a quality made tub at a great price.
Reviewer: Kansas112
Overall: 5
6/11/2018 5:00:00 PM

Secure! and Simple!

This is an adaptable (3 stage) tub, it grows with your child and saves money! I really like how you can use it in a single or double sink and adult bath tub. It has a rounded notch at the bottom so you can firmly place it on the double sink divide. It has rounded corners, safety first. Another favorite of mine is the separate but attached area for baby's soap, shampoo and conditioner. So, no reaching and definitely not leaving your baby. It also comes with a sweet and purposeful sling with a very soft head rest. It is machine wash, delicate cool. The sling is useful so it can lessen baby's movement too. On the very bottom it does have a pull plug to empty the water. Later as your child grows the bath itself has foam pads and is contoured for comfort and safeness. It is very spacious! Maybe, the only thing I would add and that's if you don't have it already is a non-skid mat if you use the adult tub.
Reviewer: Jeanette93252
Overall: 5
6/18/2018 5:00:00 PM

Wonderful baby tub

This is a very nice product. Everything about this infant through toddler tub is exactly what you would want in this kind of product. Some friends of ours are having a baby boy in a few months, so I got it for them. I know they will love the beautiful green color, as well as all the safety features. What I really like about this tub is the way parents, or other care takers can use is it up to two years. It has a pad with a sling for an infant, that can be removed as the child grows. There is a nice spot on the tub to keep the child in place, as well as padding for softness. The child can sit in it when they are a toddler, before switching to a regular bathtub. There is a plug at the bottom, to drain the water. This product has a sticker showing it meets all of the safety requirements for infants and toddlers. I feel good about giving this gift to my friends for their new baby!
Reviewer: HoneyBell502
Overall: 5
7/2/2018 5:00:00 PM

Comfy And convenient

This tub is absolutely the cutest and most convenient for our new niece. Works well with my double kitchen sink and was also able to use in my bathroom area with a single sink. The removable sling and soft foam built into the tub kept her secure with no slipping while I was bathing her. The built In drain made it super easy to rinse her off without having to remove her first and definitely saved clean up time with no spills. Sturdy yet lightweight and easily stored does not take up a lot of space.
Reviewer: DiamondGoddess
Overall: 5
6/18/2018 5:00:00 PM

Versatile Bathtub!

This tub is so cute with its hot pink color and white baby sling. Nice thick plastic molded for comfort. Sling supports baby in tub. White drain plug at bottom. I also use it as a manicure/pedicure tub! It is the perfect size and you can comfortably rest your limbs at the head or foot. Great quality!
Reviewer: RichieRich03
Overall: 5
6/17/2018 5:00:00 PM

Best item ever!

If you are like me you are not pleased with bathing a baby in the kitchen sink. With this well designed tub this makes bath8ng easy. Soft and adjustable sides to go from new born to toddler! Soft and comfortable for the baby too. Gets a lot of use! This is one of the best items ever.
Reviewer: desing
Overall: 5
6/21/2018 5:00:00 PM

A gift to remember

I got this product for my my grand niece she is 9 months old. She is not a big baby. But her cute self will be using this tub for a long time. I don't know How much she love bath. But I know it will last for a while. . I will recommend this product to everyone who anybody who ask.
Reviewer: SSSandANS
Overall: 4
6/7/2018 5:00:00 PM

Easy to use Baby tub

The Summer Infant Comfy Clean Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub can be used for newbors (with the sling attached), infants and toddlers. The sling was a little difficult to attach at first, but once I figured that out and found the indentations for the clips, it was easier. It fits in my kitchen sink or easily in the bathtub. The molded plastic is smooth and holds just enough water. There is a drain plug in the bottom and the design makes for easy cleaning between baths. The teal color is suitable for boys or girls. This is an affordable option without the bells and whistles of some fancy infant tubs, and I intend to purchase more, as it is a practical option as a baby shower gift.
Reviewer: JayBee
Overall: 4
6/26/2018 5:00:00 PM

Nice newborn to toddler tub

This newborn to toddler tub is fairly standard. The first thing that caught my attention was that the inside middle part of the tub has a different plastic feeling versus the shiny plastic on the rim and outside of the tub. The different plastic feeling gives the tub more of a slip resistance, which I like. The stock ad photo makes the pink version of the tub look like it is soft pink in color, but it is a very bright, hot pink. I had some trouble getting the bathing sling on. The sling and clips almost seemed like they were too small and short to fit into the clip grooves on the tub. Once I finally got them in place, I noticed that the sling was very taut. I assume this is for safety reasons to keep the newborn above most of the water, but with how taut it is, it seems like the baby wouldn't be in water at all. I really like the print of the sling.