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Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 7 inch tablet, Android 10.0 Operating System, 32GB Storage, Quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Black, 2020 Upgrade

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Product Description

Small but Powerful The 7 inch MatrixPad tablet comes with a powerful Quad-core processor, delivering smooth videos, quick app launches and great overall performance. Native Android 10.0 Go edition The GMS Certified MatrixPad Z1 tablet features Android's latest, lightest and most efficient version of Androids operating system yet, Android 10.0 Go Edition. With Android Go Edition, you will get full access to Google Play and the apps you love, such as SKYGO, NetFlix, YouTube and more. Eye-pleasing IPS HD Display The 7 inch MatrixPad Z1 tablet adopts an IPS display screen, which presents crisp and sharp images. With Read mode, you will feel like reading on paper. While at night, read with Eye comfort, which reduces eyestrain. Portable and Long Lasting Entertainment 3000mAh battery together with the low power consumption CPU enable you enjoy up to 8 hours of reading, watching TV shows, surfing the web, playing games, etc. At just over a pound, it’s more portable than ever. 32GB ROM, Expandable up to 128GB The tablet offers 32GB of onboard memory and includes a microSD card slot (microSD card sold separately) that allows you to add up to an additional 128GB of memory, making it easy to store songs, videos, photos, games, and other files.
GMS Certified device, Android 10.0 Go Edition 7 inch 178 degree IPS display with vivid colors from all angles Portable design and up to 8 hours long lasting usage 32 GB Storage, expandable up to 128 GB

Product Details

SKU 224482934 Brand VANKYO
Model Number Z1 UPC 631384822300
Color Black Pre Order False

Customer Reviews


1/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Durable and lightweight tablet for daily use

I got tired of lugging around a tablet and an ereader and came across the Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 while shopping for something that would combine the two electronics. Since I am an avid reader finding something that would not only read azw and mobi format books was important to me and since I have been unhappy with how often I have to get a new device because of performance issues with iOs, I wanted to try an android platform. This tablet not only met each of those criteria, but it was also budget friendly which is why I chose to order it. The tablet arrived in a nice, sturdy box and had a full charge when I turned it on which I appreciated since I was immediately able to set it up. I use a google account and so all of my contacts, emails, passwords, and information was able to be imported. I wasnt expecting it but the tablet has a facial recognition lock so you dont have to input your keycode every time you want to unlock the device. I was also able to connect my bluetooth keyboard and headphones easily. If you dont use bluetooth headphones there is a headphone jack so youre not limited to charging or listening to plugged in headphones like on another brands devices. The tablet weighs 8.9 oz. I feel comfortable taking it in a medium size crossbody purse daily, a beach bag, or my carry on while traveling. The outer shell is a rough plastic so that you have a grip while holding, and the front seems to be a translucent plastic so you dont have to worry about cracking the screen. I am able to hold it and operate it with one hand, especially since the on/off button is on the side with the volume controls. The top side has the charging port and a slot for an SD card to increase memory if you need it instead of having to pay monthly. I really like that there is an indicator for battery and the estimated time that it will run out. I am in no way tech savvy but I did a speed test and the download speed was 27.76 mbps and 2.24 mbps which was less than half of what my cell phone does. Granted, this is a device that I would consider budget friendly; I am not trying to compare it to something that was $1000 and has a faster processor so these numbers dont bother me. The same goes for the screen resolution and camera, which is which is 1024 x 600 pixels and 2 megapixels. In the google play store I was able to find every app that I needed and wanted and they have run without issue. I was a little worried that certain games or streaming services wouldnt work after reading reviews of other devices running an android platform around the same price so I am very happy about that. One feature I really like is that there is an eye comfort option as well as eye health and you are able to turn on a warmer color and a less aggressive blue light which helps with eye strain and the ability to fall asleep if reading before bed or reader mode which is all black and white. Overall I am happy with its capabilities and will be getting a lot of use out of it.


1/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

Nice tablet in a good price

I bought this tablet as a replacement for my old one , i like it since it's very light , easily connected to the internet, easily connected to zoom so i'm able to do my zoom meetings. Plus the front and rear cameras are allowing you to do smooth video calls and a good quality pictures. And since it's very light weight it's much easier to take it out and finish my work without needing to carry my laptop with me, the screen is nice and wide enough to watch movies or surfing the internet. And 32 GB storage is enough for me to download my favorite apps . In addition it's in a very reasonable price so you will get what you pay for. I'm recommending this tablet if you want a good tablet in a good price .


3/20/2021 5:00:00 PM

Works great

Lightweight tablet without any bells or whistles. looks neat with front and back cameras which is great for video calling. It only has 1GB Ram and slows down with multiple chrome tabs open, other than that it's very usable when using a single app. I am mostly using it for browsing news at night on the bed, as well as keeping track of new mails and chats while working. Additional wireless screen is quite handy.


4/1/2021 5:00:00 PM

Small and cute

Small and lightweight. Easy to hold. If you want to have a lot of apps you need to get a sd card but I just have two apps so it works fine for me. Touchscreen works fine. My fingers are starting to hurt from typing all the time on my phone. Plus, I like to divide my personal life with my work so I just do my work on it. Sometimes when I'm doing a lot of things at once it goes slowly but otherwise I'm happy. Battery last for a while. Don't know about the camera because don't have the need to use it.

3/9/2021 4:00:00 PM

Nice handheld tablet

Our kids are needing tablets for school to accomplish virtual learning. We were looking for an affordable table that we could purchase for each of them so they did not have to share. The size works well to hold and it's not to heavy. We are getting about 10 hours of steady use out of the battery which is really helpful. Easy to download apps on the play store. The camera is very decent as well as the video. So far we have had a more than enough storage (games, movies, music, apps). No noted lag in the touch screen. It's a great affordable addition.


5/9/2021 5:00:00 PM

Android tablet

This tablet is convenient, and the size is good and not heavy. It came with all essential, necessary apps, and also it has 32 GB storage good to download apps and for storage pics. Touch also very good. Most of the time, I am using it for video calling. I love this product and recommended it.


12/17/2020 4:00:00 PM

Great Tablet - Nice Extras

Nice little table. It has version 10 of Android, so it will run current apps. The setup is easy and it looks fine, runs all the apps I want just fine. Has a slot for an SD card for extra space. I was super pleased to see that this came with an actual printed manual (in multiple languages). It also had a quick start card and a sticker on the screen with instructions. Because of that documentation, this would be ok for an older person. Also included are a cable and charger plug. The box is nice and sturdy too. If you need a tablet that is portable and a good price, you will be happy with this.


3/14/2021 5:00:00 PM

Love this tablet

Great Tablet for carrying around in purses. light weight but have all the functions as other tablets. Long battery life, I have charged once and using for almost a week. I used it for shopping online and social media, works perfect! Also good for kids too, great value compared to other expensive big brands.


4/15/2021 5:00:00 PM

Great Tablet for the money

Great Tablet for you money! It has been great for us. It has gps on it for when we go camping. It had plenty of storage with the option to add more. It works off of WIFI. And it has a king lasting battery. Very pleased.


11/22/2021 4:00:00 PM

Run away from this company.

Stay clear, zero firmware support even to get back to known good state. Support will run around in circles as they know they have poor products.

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