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X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker

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X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker X Rocker Solo Led Floor Rocker


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Product Description

Upgrade your gaming setup with the new and improved X Rocker Solo RGB 2.0 Wired Floor Rocking Gaming Chair. This state-of-the-art chair is designed with an integrated 2.0 Wired Audio System, and a high-tech, patented SMD LED lighting technology that is built into the fabric of the chair. It is compatible with most gaming systems - just connect to your device to set up for an immersive experience like never before. The rocking, ergonomic design allows for comfortable playing positions throughout your longest gaming sessions. This versatile chair is great for use in living rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, or your preferred gaming location. It is also great for watching movies, reading, and lounging, and it folds down for convenient storage when not in use. Simply wipe clean for easy care and maintenance. Measuring 30.1" x 15.4" x 24.2", this chair fits perfectly into any gaming space. 
X Rocker Solo RGB SMD 2.0 Wired Floor Rocker, BlackHIGH TECH AUDIO SYSTEM: An integrated 2.0 Wired Audio System with headrest mounted speakers provides high quality audio for added immersion in video games, music and movies. SMD LED RGB INTEGRATION: Patented SMD LED RGB lighting is built into the fabric of the chair, creating state-of-the-art gaming aesthetics like never before. Select from 13 different lighting combinations and colors to match whatever vibe you're feeling. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This carefully designed floor rocking gaming chair features an ergonomic rocking design perfect for long hours of digital entertainment. LONGEVITY: LED lights are guaranteed to remain vibrant and bright for at least two years. ALL PURPOSE GAMING CHAIR: Breathable mesh floor rocking design can be used for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing.PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR GAMING SPACE: Measures 30.1" x 15.4" x 24.2" and folds down for convenient storage when not in use

Product Details

SKU 368830955 Brand X Rocker
UPC 094338518092 Color Black
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Customer Reviews


10/29/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great chair for kids and preteens

This chair is a great chair somewhere around the preteen area. Could be used by lower ages but I would say stops somewhere around 12. This would not be the case if you like sitting low to the floor and are not large framed. This chair is built for smaller kid bodies and skinnier folks. If your legs are a bit thick at the thighs like mine you will feel the sides dig in a bit after a bit of sitting. I sat and played some games in it for a while to be sure of my stance on it. It will definitely be going out to the preteens domain. The sound is nice and has some volume to it. Does not have the weird tin like sound some cheaper speakers do. So good for gaming. The lights are attractive and have many patterns of light movement and a wide range of colors and settings. I was impressed. I feel I will be looking into the company's office gaming chairs for myself and my husband. I was skeptical of the brand as I had never seen one on display. Definitely think I will be purchasing a couple as gifts. I LOVED that this is easy to set up. NO ASSEMBLY whatsoever. Folds in half nicely. You could easily pack this in the trunk and take it to someone's house. The only thing I think I would mention is the wire attachment. I am a bit concerned about the wires being out there if I buy more I will get a wireless model. Costs more but probably worthwhile for smaller kids likely doing damage to the wiring by bumping it. This is a great low cost chair if your kid doesn't move around a lot or fidget with the wires. It was a lot of fun to use.


11/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

My son will love this for Christmas


11/18/2020 4:00:00 PM

Thumbs up

My grandson is going to like this , its a Christmas gift.

11/14/2020 4:00:00 PM

Nice gaming rocker

I really wanted to try this chair for my kiddos because they are just now getting into video games. This is the X Rocker Solo RGB SMD 2.0 Wired Floor Rocker. It is all black with a silver control panel on the right hand side of the seat of the chair. It has mesh fabric that is very breathable. It has the ability to connect audio from your TV, device or console using cables. It has RGB lights built in on each side of the backrest. There are two speakers which are located on each side of the headrest and you can control the volume from the control panel as well as the lights. You can fold it in half for easy storage under most beds. I wasn't sure about the size of the chair but it worked perfectly.  For reference, my son is four feet tall. It fits him perfectly.  I am five feet tall and while it fits me, it is not comfortable for me. To me this is a better fit for a smaller kiddo. An older or taller gamer might not find it comfortable. Overall, I like the chair and it was a good fit for my smaller kiddos who are just now starting out. We love the speakers and lights and are even using it for the kiddos reading nooks when they exceed their gaming time. 


10/20/2020 5:00:00 PM

Great for my young nieces, fight to use it

My 10 & 8 year old nieces are fighting to use this chair. Idint know that this is fit for a big kid or older teen though. They watch movies listen yo music and just like the ability to rock. They don't have gaming systems so just listen to music or watch movies. But it's nice that they have like surround sound right behind their head. It Folds up easily & is durable. Just something new to have since they're stuck at home all the time due to covid.


11/23/2020 4:00:00 PM


really nice chair for a small kid, my son is a tall 11 year old he will barely fit on it - but really nice item.


11/23/2020 4:00:00 PM

Game on

Built in led lights sets gaming mood


11/22/2020 4:00:00 PM

Great gift

Bought this for my nephews 7th birthday he thought it was the coolest gift ever


10/29/2020 5:00:00 PM

Too small for most

I ordered this XRocker solo rocker for my son a few weeks ago. I was disappointed when we received it because it is too small or my son to comfortably sit on while he is playing his XBox. Also we were not able to get the sound set up.


11/20/2020 4:00:00 PM

sound problems w xbox

the size is decent. I did think it would be a little bigger then it was. the lights are beautiful! I'm just not sure how to get the sound connected. we have an xbox and it won't plug into the controller. so not really sure what to do.